Our skin is the first connection with the outside world. Especially when it comes to feet, if they are not “protect” by socks or footwear, they are susceptible to different infections. That mostly happens at public places such as pools or gyms, and the most common infection is warts.

Plantar warts are so common, that most people have them at some point in their life. The infection can appear at the base of the toe fingers, and on the heel.

Maybe this virus sounds scary and some people think that they are malignant, but they are not a serious health problem. Because they are viruses, they can go away by themselves after two or three years, but also they can spread and cause pain or irritation.

Wart is a virus and is treatable

How plantar warts look like, and what can you do

As we already said, you can search for plantar warts on your heel, or on the widest part of your foot. They are quite small, some of them can grow bigger and they usually form a circle. Plantar warts are very similar to the calluses, but with one difference. They have small black spots in the middle, and those spots are actually blood vessels that had coherence with the wart.

When you touch the part of your foot where the wart is, you can feel hard skin, end the upper layer can stick out a little. But don’t get used to touching them, as they can spread or grow. They don’t spread so easy, but if you have the weakened immune system, and you are at the places which are contained warts, there is a bigger chance that you get plantar warts.

When your warts are not going away, you can seek help from your doctor. The specialists on this field are podiatrists, as they are dealing with the problems with the feet and lower extremities. Some of the solutions that they suggest are medications that are applied topically. That can be gel, lotion or ointment, and in most cases, it includes salicylic acid that works that way by peeling the wart.

The podiatrist will determinate the best solution for you

When treatments don’t work, don’t worry, there are other options. At the https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/plantar-wart-treatment/ you can see how the treatments look like, or you can make an appointment, and get rid of them for good.  The podiatrist can use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart or laser procedure to remove it.

Sometimes, warts do not go so easy. They can be challenging to treat, as they are below the skin surface.  So, it is important to find a good podiatrist who will know which treatment is best for you, and we can recommend expert podiatrist Ryde like ModPod Podiatry if you are searching for a podiatrist in Australia.

Final word

If you don’t succeed in removing the wart by yourself, don’t hesitate and contact your doctor, as they can cause pain and irritation after some time.