The list of medical supplies associated with certain health conditions can easily run the gamut. Think things like lift chairs, nebulizers, bath benches, braces, canes, and more. But where should you buy these items and who will have them when you need them?

Here are a few reasons why you should purchase medical supplies locally versus at a big chain retailer or online.

Reason #1: Buying Locally Helps Your Community

Perhaps the most important reason to utilize a local pharmacy for medical supplies is that buying locally helps your community. When you purchase from us, that money stays in the local area in terms of economy and tax dollars. This isn’t always true with bigger companies, which in turn hurts Bowling Green.

Reason #2: Buying Locally Allows You to Get What You Need

Finding what you need at a large retailer isn’t always easy. There are tons of aisles and no guarantee that they’ll have what you need.

At Ely Drugs & Medical Supply, we offer everything from wheelchairs to wrist braces. But if we don’t have what you need, our team can usually place a special order for arrival at our medical supply store in Bowling Green, KY within a few days.

Reason #3: Buying Locally is Convenient

While stopping by a big box store after work is certainly easy, it’s much more convenient to buy locally. Why? If you already make the choice to have your medications refilled at our Bowling Green pharmacy, then you already plan to stop by and see us. Purchasing durable medical equipment from us only makes sense.

Looking for a locally-owned medical supply store in Bowling Green, KY? Ely Drugs & Medical Supply is happy to help. Please contact us today to learn more about our available inventory or special-order process.