When you are living in a new city or a suburb, you may feel the pinch to go around looking for medicines. The situation will be under control till the time the medicine is available with the neighborhood medical pharmacy. Things can get complicated in case the store does not have the medicine or in worst circumstances, there are no medical pharmacies in your locality. Your search for ‘chemist near me’ would fetch no results in such a situation and your situation will become dicey if the medicine is rare to find.

With the advent of online commerce, also called as e-commerce; Indian citizens from tier-2, tier-3 cities are also able to shop for their favorite products. The same thing also applies to elderly people who are now slowly getting acquainted with mobile phones, e-commerce, etc. Coming back to our situation, what can someone do if he is not able to find medicines in a medical pharmacy? The answer again lies in online commerce; the only difference is that users would have to use online medical store (or online pharmacy) for buying those medicines. There are certain medicines that cannot be purchased without a valid prescription and it holds good even when you are using an online pharmacy.

As per industry estimates, the pharmaceutical market is close to Rs. 79,000 crore and is expanding 20% YoY. Online medical stores are getting a boost & visibility, as the Indian government is taking the necessary steps to regulate the online sale of medicines. They are also ensuring that only ‘authentic’ and ‘trusted’ medicines are available online, a necessary step to curb the sale of fake medicines. Since the medical store is completely online, it is obviously accessible 24/7 and customers are offered free delivery. However, there is a massive difference between an online medical store (with no inventory) and an online medical store (that has a huge offline presence & comes with a huge amount of operational expertise). Mumbai based WellnessForever is one such licensed e-pharmacy that also has an offline presence in multiple places in Mumbai. This speaks volumes for the amount of expertise that their qualified & experienced team of pharmacists would possess. They are utilizing the online medium to expand their footprint and help customers discover medicines, sexual wellness products, slimming products, etc. with ease.

The primary reason customers choose online medical store over offline medical pharmacy is convenience, ease, better pricing, and quick delivery. There are chances when your intended product would not be in stock even in an online medical store but customers can always use the ‘Notify when available’ option so that they come to know when the product is in stock. Talking about the convenience factor; you no longer need to stand in queues or go medicine hunting in worst situations. Other prime factor customers prefer online medium more over offline medium is because of the ‘privacy offered by online pharmacies’. You might be intending to buy sex toys, condoms, body tonics, etc. but are always hesitant to pick them up from the medical store located in your vicinity. Online medical stores give preference to ‘privacy’ and follow a discrete packaging when customers order products from segments like ‘Sexual Wellness’. If you are not resistant to changes and love the way ‘Digital’ storm has taken over India; then you should definitely explore buying medicines from an online medical store like Wellness Forever.

It is time, you remove the search medical store near me from Google maps and try out the online pharmacy medium to purchase medicines & other wellness products!