Cosmetic surgery is a growing trend as the years go by, and medical tourism has contributed heavily on it. Two primary reasons as to why medical tourism is common are the affordability of flights to travel abroad, and the convenient prices of some of the procedures. There are actually wider ranges of cosmetic surgery abroad than in the UK. Abroad, it is easier to get a cosmetic procedure at less than half the price of the procedure in the UK.

The trend of medical tourism abroad is becoming popular due to the economic situation of most people who do not have cash reserves for expensive procedures.

Reasons why cosmetic surgery is affordable abroad

In the UK, most of the institutions use the same healthcare technologies that are used in other hospitals abroad. Additionally, the doctors and specialists who reside in these hospitals are skilled and meet the standards laid out by the EU on professionals who need to be undertaking these procedures. Below is a summary of the reasons as to why it is cheaper to have cosmetic surgery abroad:

  • Cheaper medications/equipment/supplies
  • Lower labour costs
  • Lower taxes
  • Better exchange rates
  • Lower values on real estate
  • Lower costs of building hospitals
  • Fewer paper records

In a country like Slovakia or Poland, the services provided are exceptional. Not only are the plastic surgery operations affordable, but the solutions that are being offered are conducted by professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in their practice. The hospitals are also managed with competent staff who provide quality service, as they provide a conducive atmosphere for patients. It becomes easier when a patient from another country is welcomed with a competent team and handled with care from the start of the consultation to the completion of the procedure.

Privacy Concerns

There are people who are not comfortable with receiving plastic surgery in a place that is familiar to them. When you go for a cosmetic surgery abroad, you can easily tell people that you have gone on vacation. This is a common practice for celebrities because some people like to keep their procedures private.

Cosmetic surgery in Poland

There are quite a number of countries that offer affordable cosmetic procedures. A country like Poland, which is a member of the EU, offers rates that are close to 70% cheaper compared to the prices of the procedures offered in the UK. But how is it that the price in a country like Poland offers considerably lower prices for the same procedures offered in the UK? It’s a legitimate question. When you go for a plastic surgery procedure, the number one reason as to why the charges are lower is the comparative salary that the staff at the clinic get.

In Poland, the salary of the administrative staff, the nurses, surgeons, and the rest of the clinic staff are much lower than the counterparts in the UK. Other reasons which we have listed above make it even more attractive to people.