Are you tired of all those comments you receive from people due to the hair loss problem you go through all throughout the time?

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Not sure why you are losing so much of hair? Want to know why people lose hair, even though they are young and it is not normal for them to lose hair?

Stress is one of the most major reasons why so many people go through tremendous hair loss in their lives. Nothing can be worse than stress, yet, we all go through it. This is definitely one of the reasons why people lose hair, even though they are quite young and take good care of themselves.

If you have been using birth control measures, the ovulation suppressing medicines do cause hair loss in women. If you are losing hair and you have been using birth control pills quite often, it may be because of the same.

A lot of mothers complain about hair loss after they have delivered the child. Child birth does impact your hair in a negative way. You lose hair after giving birth to a child and it is no myth.

Thyroid may seem like a normal and common thing to you, but it certainly isn’t. It leads to moderate to severe hair loss in the patients. So if you have thyroid, it surely explains your hair loss. Even if you are on medicines, you are bound to lose hair.