Health supplements have always been in great demands with people who are conscious about their body and health. Today many companies manufacture such supplements for their customers. The supplements vary from one another in forms and uses. One has to understand his/her requirements and choose the supplements accordingly. Among the supplements, which are extremely popular with people, whey protein powders need special mention. There are two kinds of whey protein powders available – whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Both have their own characteristics, benefits and uses. Sita Impex is a private label manufacturer of such supplements and they manufacture whey isolate of the purest quality.

For whom whey protein isolates work best?

Most people think that whey protein isolate is only useful for bodybuilders and muscle building enthusiasts. But the fact is that this component comes with many other benefits. Whey protein isolate is ideal for people who do not want any kind of fat in their diet. If you are looking for muscle building and strength at the same time, isolate is a great option as it does not contain fat, lactose, calories or carbs. Because of the micro-filtration process, lactose is removed almost completely from whey isolate. If someone is training for sports and athletic performances, whey protein isolate helps in stimulating higher insulin levels in the body. The dose of the isolate that needs to be taken depends on the fitness regime, which is taken up by the trainee. The protein content in the isolate variety is very high but at the same time it is easily digestible and gets absorbed in the body quickly.

Buying the best quality private label whey protein isolate

As discussed previously, there are innumerable whey protein isolate exporters and manufacturers who are doing good business in this supplement kind. Sita Impex is one of the most renowned companies in this regard. They are a private label company manufacturing different kinds of A-grade and best quality supplements.

Whey protein isolate manufactured by the company is the purest kind of whey protein available. The amount of purity is adjudged by the amount of protein that is present in per serving of the supplement. Available in the form of powder, the supplement has protein content of 24 grams per serving. The powder can be dissolved in the water and has excellent mixability and solubility.

Some prominent features of the whey protein isolate manufactured by Sita Impex include:

  • Free from soy and lactose
  • Completely natural and organic whey protein isolate
  • Non-GMO with no gluten content
  • Free from eggs
  • Cold processed, non-denatured, cross flow micro filtered
  • The whey protein is obtained from grass-fed cows and not specially treated cows for such purposes

The company also mentions the supplement facts very clearly on the label so that everything remains transparent. Serving size is 1 scoop of the isolate powder, which is 30 grams of protein.

As Sita Impex is a private label manufacturer of various kinds of health supplements, they provide this supplement with customized labels. The company provides bulk order services for whey protein isolate, flavored as well as sweetened, which are ready to use and ready for repacking at the client’s facility.

Flavor is a very important thing which has been kept into consideration by the company. The whey protein isolate powder is available in four different flavors – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and customized flavors.

There are various pack sizes in which Sita Impex sells whey protein isolate to various clients. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • 5 lbs (2.27 kgs)
  • 2 lbs (907 grams)
  • 1 lb (453 grams)

Apart from these, there are bulk packages as well as customized packages. Whatever be the quantity of the whey protein isolate powder pack, there is no compromise with the quality of the products in any manner. Innumerable people have used the product and gained highly effective results from the same. Therefore when it comes to purchase of whey protein isolate powder, your search will definitely end at Sita Impex.