Singapore is one of the more advance cities and countries in the world. This observation is based on its infrastructures, high educational system, high rise buildings and their communication facilities. Together with the economic and technological advancement, there are also disadvantages. One of the most transparent effects of the gadgets in the people’s eyes and most especially, the children. It is very visible when you see 90% of the children in Singapore are wearing eye glasses. It is a direct effect of longer times in front of the computer and gadgets.  It is very obvious that, the government really is taking good care of the children.  They have ophthalmologist, working them even in schools, to make sure that children’s eyes are taken care of.

Now, we need to understand what is an ophthalmologist? And what they do?

Ophthalmologist. They are medical practitioners who are specializing in eye care and surgery.  They are the one who will treat visual disorders and eye disease.  These very skilled professionals do the following procedures to our eyes:

  1. They treat myopia(nearsightedness) and Hyperopia (farsightedness) of a person
  2. They also treat presbyopia and astigmatism as well
  3. They also gave advices on proper eye care


If you are looking for an opthamologist in Singapore here’s How to find a good ophthalmologist in Singapore? As Singapore is a very advance country, it is not hard to find a good eye specialist for you.  You can first check in the government lists of accredited eye centre, to make sure that you are engaging a legal and approved eye service specialist.

You can then visit them one by one and make inquiries yourself, ask about their services and how they charge their patients.  Please do take note also of the doctor, who will handle your case. Another good practice is to get referrals from acquaintances who has gone eye surgery before, or who has known anybody, who underwent to the same surgery before.  This will be a big help to you.

Below is a list of some eye clinic in Singapore.

  1. Focal Eye centre
  2. Titus Eye Care
  3. SNEC laser Vision Centre
  4. Shinagawa Lasik Centre
  5. Singapore national Eye Centre and there are still a lot more

Our eyesight plays a vital role life. It can make us more confident to do many things.  It gives us the capability to do things independently and it gives us the privilege to see things as they are.  It would be very hard for us to lose our eyesight.  It will cripple us for a while.  So there is really a need to take good care of our eyes.  It is also considered to be our window to the world.

Feeling something unusual in your eye?  Do you experience poor a little discomfort? Don’t take it for granted.  Head to your nearest eye centre. Have an ophthalmologist check you up.  This maybe the breakthrough you are waiting for.  Trust your doctor, trust your ophthalmologist.  They will make wonders to you.  Singapore is a home to the best eye specialist and eye centre in the world, no doubt about that.