Meals at the end of the year, excess food, rich dishes, the winter is full of temptations and it is not surprising to find yourself quickly with a few extra pounds. To eliminate them easily, many slimming solutions exist, check this guide on – and among these, best weight loss pills are a good solution. They can have several actions, burners or fat sensors, drainers, hungry cuts, flat belly action all you have to do is choose the one that suits you.

Dietary supplements may consist mainly of:

  • Of plants: pineapple, nopal, guarana, green tea.
  • Of essential oils (See also: slim down with essential oils ).
  • Vitamins and trace elements: vitamins and minerals avoid excessive deficiencies and prevent the side effects of certain diets (fatigue and lower energy …).
  • Fat sensors: often of natural origin, to complex food fats and avoid their absorption.
  • Fat burners: to increase the metabolism and facilitate the consumption of these fats in the form of energy.
  • Probiotics: their role has been proven in the prevention of obesity. By providing probiotics , slimming food supplements help restore a normal digestive flora by actively participating in digestion and the flat stomach effect.

What actions to expect dietary supplements slimming?

She would have 3 actions:

  • It is a natural moderator of appetite because as soon as it arrives in the stomach, pectin in contact with water and food, gels. It then increases in volume, causing a feeling of satiety very fast.
  • This is a calorie trap, since pectin mixed with food forms a large net in the stomach that helps to trap some of the calories of the meal. The latter thus trapped will then be evacuated by natural means.
  • It provides intestinal comfort because the fibers contained in this apple pectin confer beneficial virtues for intestinal comfort.

The polysaccharides of the fucus can absorb 200 to 300 times their weight in liquid. By swelling in the stomach, they cause a feeling of fullness. Fucus contains non-assimilablemucilages and facilitates intestinal transit. It is taken half an hour before meals to alleviate hunger, while providing the body with the necessary elements for tone and vitality. In addition, fucus increases metabolism to eliminate fats by stimulating the thyroid thanks to its high iodine content. 

Because of their high iodine content, dietary supplements containing fucus are contraindicated in case of thyroid disorders or in case of allergy to iodine.


Glucomanan is a purified form of Konjac flour. Because of the large volume that glucomannan occupies in the stomach by swelling in contact with liquids, it gives a strong feeling of satiety. It is taken before meals with a large glass of water.

Draining plants

Dietary supplements acting on water retention are composed mainly of plants with draining action : cherry tail extract, fucus, orthosiphon, dandelion leaf extract, birch, pilosella, extracts of flowery heads of Meadowsweet, extracts of oak leaves.