Nearly 9 out of 10 people you meet are unhappy with their body weight and most of them need to shed off the extra kilos they have piled up over time. Often, they try doing that through exercise, diet control, fad diets etc., but most of the time, the results are not encouraging. Even if the crash diets help them to shed a few kilos, it comes back in no time.

The weight loss is not just about physical appearance.It actually affects the whole of you, including your mind and body. This is why holistic nutrition is considered a better way as it includes the emotional health and mental health too along with the physical wellbeing.

Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss

The holistic approach considers excess weight as a symptom and instead of targeting it aloneit tries to find the root cause. The cause can be mental, emotional, or at times even social in nature impacting the physical symptoms. Those providing holistic solutions work with a team, which has all sorts of experts like a physician, trainer, dietitian, and psychologist. Depending on initial revelations, even an endocrinologist and a meditation teacher can be a part of the team.

As they consider each individual to be unique and try to find the cause taking into account the age, perspective, frame of reference, lifestyle etc., the outcomes are encouraging.

The Pillars of Weight Loss in Holistic Approach

The three important pillars of weight loss in a holistic approach are nutritional, physical, and psychological. In contrary to fad or crash diets, here balanced and natural food is recommended. These foods are nutrient-dense, which means they contain the essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body.

Every individual is unique biochemically and hence what suits one will not give the same results for the other. The key to weight loss lies in choosing the right balance of diet based on the individual’s metabolic type. Holistic nutrition takes into account the right balancing of the person’s metabolism so that he or she is energetic, has diminished cravings and hunger, is mentally and physically fit, and has a good overall health. Going to a good nutritionist who favors holistic nutrition like will help you in finding things that are ideal for your body.

The primary focus of holistic nutrition is on building health.Weight loss is a by-product of it, which happens automatically. Concentrating on a weight-loss diet might give temporary results on a scale, but as they deprive you of certain foods that are nutrient-rich and hence essential, such diets prove to be deleterious for overall wellbeing.

A holistic approach, on the other hand, helps an individual take complete control of his life, implementing the lifelong changes that are good for the well-being both mentally and physically. The excess weight gets shed in due course of time as the changes that you made in your lifestyle are permanent.