Individual counseling is also known as psychotherapy or therapy. In this therapy, a therapist and his or her patient will sit on a one-on-one basis in a caring, safe and confidential environment and explore behavior, beliefs and feelings, work through influential and challenging memories, identify life aspects that they would want to change, understand themselves and others better, personal goals set up, and work forward towards changes as desired.

For many reasons people seek therapy, for example, to cope with major challenges of life or trauma during their childhood, to deal with anxiety and depression, for an individual’s desired personal growth and self-knowledge.

A therapist and their client may sit for as low as for five to six sessions, or they can carry sessions for several years. This will depend on the needs of the client and the goals of the therapy.

How to Get Started for Individual Therapy?

The first thing you need to do is to call to set up an initial appointment. On the telephone, you will be asked a few questions so as the clinic can evaluate that the best treatment options for you. The initial session can be scheduled for around two hours as this is the session which will build your rapport with the therapist and you will need to give the therapist some of your background and the reason you are seeking counseling. The therapist will also be able to discuss with you regarding their fees, services, confidentiality, and things that you expect as the outcome of the therapy.

The therapist will try to develop a collaborative relationship with you, and you and your therapist will decide about the treatment that would best suit you.

After the first session, you will come to know if you want to continue therapy with the therapist, you will also decide about the time-slots for your therapy sessions. One session per week for one hour each is the most common way sessions are set up.