CBD (full namecannabidiol) has becomeverypopular in the last couple of years. After the passing of the 2018Hemp Bill, CBD has become the new go-to option because of itsdemonstratedability to help withproblemssuch as insomnia, menstrualcramp pains, and anxiety. In this post, wewill look at how to use CBD to addresschronic pain. 

Whatis CBD? 

Beforewe look at how CB Dcanbeapplied to addresschronic pain, let us go back a few steps and answer one question: “Whatis CBD?”  It is a concentratedliquidwith the primaryingredientbeingcannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the manyphytocannabinoidsfound in a cannabis plant. 

For most people, the moment you mention “cannabis,” theythinkthat the productwillmakethem high. But CBD will not. During extraction, manufacturersseparate CBD fromTHC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychotic compound in a cannabis plant. Therefore, youshould not worry; CBDwill not makeyou high. 

WhenyoutakeCBD itinteractswith the endocannabinoid system to help regulate the pain signals. For example, itcaninhibit the signalsfromreaching the brainsothatyou do not perceive pain. Researchers have alsofoundthatithelps to prevent inflammation, the body’snaturalresponse to injury. 

How to Use CBD for Chronic Pain Relief 

If you are sufferingfromchronic pain, as mentioned on https://resetbioscience.com such as arthritis or migraine, the good thingisthatthere are severalmethodsyoucan use to get pain relief. Here are some of them: 

  • Oral Administration 

You can opt to addoil to the beverages, food, or takeitdirectlyorally. Here, CBD isabsorbedfrom the walls of the gut to getinto the bloodstream. Note that CBD has to bebroken down in the liverbeforebeingreleasedinto the bloodstream. It willtake about 20 minutes to about 2 hours for CBD to beavailable in the bloodstream and deliver the anticipatedeffects. This methodis good whenyouwant relief withproblemssuch as migraines and effects of cancer treatment.

  • Sublingually

Anothermethod of usingCBD for chronic pain isplacingitunder the tongue. Unlike oral administration, where part of the CBD isbroken down by the digestive enzymes, sublingual administration is more effective. Besides, itisalsofasterbecause the cells of the mouthdeliveritdirectly to the bloodstream. It takesonly 5-20 minutes for CBD to reach the bloodstream and produce the expected relief. This methodisrecommendedwhenyouwantimmediate relief from pain.

  • Topical Administration 

If you are sufferingfromsevere pain such as back pain, menstrualcramps, or arthritis, youmayconsider a direct application to the affected area. Here, youaddCBD intoappropriateoil and applyitdirectly on the skin. CBD istakendirectly, and it engages the endocannabinoid system from the periphery of the nervous system. 

To get help from CBD, youshouldensure to use the right method of application, get the right balance, and more importantly, use the best qualityCBD.