A liquid facelift is a trend these days. It involves injecting small amounts of derma fillers into the skin that will plump the skin as a result. It is different from a surgical facelift because it does not involve cutting into the skin. A liquid facelift aims to reduce wrinkles, sagging and other signs of ageing. It also helps to: 

    • reduce the hollow area under the eyes
    • plump up lips
    • fill cheeks to look uptight
    • tighten wrinkles around lips, eyes, and forehead
  • reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots

Although there are many serums and skin supplements that can give your skin the anti-ageing effect, you can buy such serums and supplements from https://www.pricepropharmacy.com/online-pharmacy/. But if your skin is very much aged and needs an extra lift then a liquid facelift is a good option. 

How much does a liquid facelift cost?

As a whole, liquid facelifts cost much less than surgical facelifts. There are many factors involved that determine the cost of a liquid facelift:

  • As dermatologists and plastic surgeons charge differently in different cities so where you are located affects the cost of the procedure 
  • The type of dermal injections used (Juvederm, Botox etc.)
  • how many injections and sessions you have to complete the procedure

It‘s best to talk to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your local area to figure out exactly what you need and how much cost it may take. As it is cosmetic surgery, your insurance will not cover it. If you are worried about your work being affected due to the surgery, then need not worry. You won’t need any time off work after a liquid facelift, other than the exact day of the procedure.

How does a liquid facelift work on your skin?

The connective tissues in the skin such as elastin and collagen decrease as we get older. You might lose excess fat in the face, which can lead to your face looking lean and gaunt. There are many wonders of cosmetic surgery and one of the perks is its ability to reverse the age of skin. This is where fillers come into play. Fillers fill up space in the layers of the skin. This plumps the skin up to reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

Areas you can get a liquid facelift on:

Liquid facelifts target the face, but you can use the procedure on your face too. If you would like to focus just on your face, then it can do the following areas.

  • under eyes
  • near eyebrows
  • on the cheeks
  • on the temples
  • on the jaws
  • folds between the mouth and nose 
  • around scars

However, everybody has required a different procedure and the areas that are injected will depend on your desired results. A surgical facelift will give you a more defined result but a liquid facelift is a much safer and pain-free option.