All science majors can opt to just specialize in very separate fields of study. All science majors also learn core statistical and critical thinking skills. A broader spectrum of college degrees is available to students in a variety of specialists and as technology increase, there is a need for scientists in a variety of skills. Some colleges even offer online science degrees, the University of Phoenix being one of them. Most of science major’s coursework involve the work of scientific ways of testing theories via the reproduction of different  experiments. The emphasis then shifts towards original research and development of new theories and solutions as one advance through their academic career. At graduate stage, science students work with professors on research projects. At the undergraduate level, a science degree emphasis is on the universal process of the scientific method before examining into a particular specialization.

What Jobs Are Hot In Science?

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Biology and Chemistry majors can carve out a career in clinical laboratory technician, a speedily growing specialty. The work of a clinical laboratory technician is to observe blood, tissue and other body substances for a sign of diseases, infection or chemical reactions. Clinical lab techs were in the past found only in hospitals, but now they work research facilities, in private laboratories and even in some business settings. On-campus and online training programs these careers take two years or even less.

Clinical techs play a huge role in researching fresh medicine and testing samples for reactions to treatment. The move is due to managed healthcare companies shifting their focus to preventative medicine. In the meantime, lab technicians are heavily relied on by private companies and law enforcement officials to test for drug use or for other important evidence.

Veterinarians And Veterinary Assistance

Pets live longer and healthier lives these days thanks to veterinary research. Just like their human owners, pets require more advanced treatment and care as they advance in age. Americans love dogs. Dogs and cats owners, in particular wealthy baby boomers, care for their furry companions just like they would care for their own children. In this line, the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts stable employment for veterinarians as well as booming job prospects for trained assistants. There are only 28 accredited veterinary schools in the U.S. However, career colleges and vocational schools across the country offer veterinary technician training. Likewise, online careers are available for pet grooming, veterinary assisting and obedience training careers.

Environmental Scientists

The demand for an innovative environmental scientist is rising rapidly considering the reality of climate change which has finally become inevitable. There is a strong and stable demand for the environmental scientists in the near feature. Their demand is needed to fix issues like pollution, deteriorating natural resources and global warming. Environmental scientist enjoys quality job offers from academic institutions, private businesses, and government agencies. Academic institutions are in need of environmental scientists who will help to foster innovations in environmental protection and clean up. The need for environmental scientists by private businesses is to ensure that their production processes fall within government guidelines and also promote responsible corporate citizenship. Lastly, environmental scientists are needed by government agencies in order to help prevent pollution and enforce regulations. Hence, these days, environmental science majors really stand to gain from all these three sorts of employers in their careers.

Why Consider A College Major In Science?

With a science degree from the University of Phoenix, you get a career in science offers generally excellent opportunities for scientists in the commercial research and developmental fields. A career in science also offers job seekers the opportunity to make a significant contribution to society in the form of advancement, scientific discoveries, and breakthroughs. Other businesses consistently downscale workers with common skills or send their old jobs abroad. American scientific companies most of the time recruit scientists fresh from abroad, simply because their economy creates new opportunities for scientists faster than schools can keep up. Hence, there is a high demand for scientists in the United States of America. Upon employment, the scientists can expect good salaries as well as high levels of work security. The best performers in every field can take part in patent applications that offer wide acclaim as well as spin-off huge royalty profits for generations.