If you are looking for the most effective light-therapy of the era then nothing can be the best option other than radiation therapy. This therapy is basically used for treating different cancer-forms. It is completely a clinical-procedure and only experienced and highly trained oncologists or radiation-therapists can deal with the same.

Three ways of radiation-treatment:

  • Systematic radiation: There are some specific cancer-types where radioactive-drugs are given either via vein or via mouth so that the drugs can easily get circulated to the whole-body.
  • External radiation: In this case, a radiation-device is being used for throwing high-energy rays at targeted tumor externally. This therapy is not a matter of one-session rather multiple-sessions need to be attended. It is simply an outpatient-therapy and if you ant to have it then you have to move to any treatment-center or hospital.
  • Internal radiation: This therapy is also known in the name of Here, the radioactive-source needs to be placed either near any tumor or inside body.

These are the three most popular methods by means of which radiation-treatment can be conducted. It is the doctor who decides that which therapy-type is needed for whom. In this respect, cancer-kind is being considered by doctors. This therapy is now considered as a part of rheumatoid arthritis treatment as well.

Three leading phases:

  • Before treatment: You have to choose a since radiation-oncologist so that your problem can be discussed well. He will tell you that whether you are in need of the concerned therapy or not. He will also explain to you about the risks and benefits associated with the therapy so that you can have a concrete knowledge. If you have any queries in mind you can go ahead and ask him for the sake of avoiding unwanted questions later on. A consent-form needs to be signed-up before taking this treatment. The treatment needs to be planned well so that it can be executed in a proper manner without any flaws. X-ray, MRI and CT-scan are needed for identifying tumor-locations. Tapes, molds or plaster-casts can be used for locating tumor-location accurately. Sometimes, a thermoplastic-mask needs to be worn especially when you are going to have this therapy around your neck or head.
  • During treatment: Both internal and external beam-therapies are involved. For reducing pain-awareness anesthesia is being used by therapists. Anesthesia might make you experience a bit of nausea or weakness but only for few hours. The treatment-plan needs to be scheduled at least one-time in the whole week. The reports of previous therapy-session need to be considered before starting the next session.
  • After treatment: Personal-care is a great necessity after the treatment is over. Rest, healthy-diet, emotional-support, reduced sun-exposure and lotion-based skin-treatment are the most useful personal-care steps. Follow-up and recovery monitoring are essentially needed I order to see that whether any side-effects are emerging or not. Sometimes, long-term health-care is needed so that unwanted complications can be easily avoided.

There are many people who think that 100-percent recovery is possible after this therapy but this is not true at all. If you go ahead by keeping this view in mind then you are completely mistaken. But yes you will get acute relaxation and the symptoms will get controlled to some extent. Now, doctors are also including this therapy as the most effective option of psoriasis treatment.