Toothaches are stressful as they take away your ability to eat or drink anything. If the infection spreads, toothache may also lead to several health problems and discomfort, making it impossible to perform different tasks. In such a situation, quality dental care in Palm Harbor offers emergency care. Here, the dentist will recommend certain solutions to manage tooth pain. This article highlights the top 5 ways an emergency dentist can help you get relief from tooth pain. Here we go! 

How does an emergency dentist manage tooth pain?

1. Over-the-counter medicines 

These medicines are the most effective way to manage tooth pain. As soon as a patient take these medicines, they get instant relief due to the presence of pain relievers in these medicines. However, such medication soothes your pain for a particular period. For longer relief, visit your dentist and get the recommended tooth treatment. 

2. Warm water and salt rinse 

Another remedy most dentists recommend if the patient complains of extreme pain is warm water and safe rinse. Saltwater deeply cleanses your mouth and kills bacteria, resulting in a healthy mouth. The swishing ensures no food particles stuck within your teeth and gums that could be causing pain. 

3. Apply essential oils 

Certain essential oils contain stress-relieving ingredients. Generally, people recommend using sesame oil and sunflower oil. Just take a cotton swab and add some essential oil to it. Place the cotton swab on your infected teeth. You will get pain relief within a few minutes. As the pain subsides, the dentist will recommend a more permanent solution. 

4. Apply ice pack in painful areas 

Ice is one of the best ways to heal painful areas. Apply some ice on a cloth to your teeth so that the pain subsides. Keep the ice pack on your teeth for at least 10 minutes. This ensures your skin remains safe. 

5. A thorough teeth cleaning 

When leftover food particles are stuck in between your teeth, it causes extreme toothache. If left for a few hours, it starts to hurt. Therefore, thoroughly cleaning is important to ensure your teeth are properly cleaned. 

Wrapping Up 

Emergency dentists recommend these top 5 ways to heal tooth pain and get instant relief. These are temporary solutions; therefore, you need dentist advice for a permanent solution.