Of course visiting a dentist is mandatory for regular checkup, but this does not mean you should not do anything about your oral hygiene. There are certain things that you have to follow in order to keep your mouth clean and teeth shining. We are not talking about the shine you see in advertisements – they are all edited for marketing purposes! But there are a couple of things that every individual must do in order to keep their teeth clean and strong for a long period of time.

“But I brush my teeth regularly!”

Now you are talking like a five year old kid! No doubt you are brushing your teeth regularly, but do you really think brushing is enough? Let us give you an example you can relate to – there are a lot of things you make to eat for lunch, even though you have a good portion of bread at home. You cannot count upon bread to feed your hunger. Similarly, you cannot count upon just brushing! There are a couple of other things that you need to note and regularly do for your oral hygiene.

So what are the tips that you can follow for dental care?

    1. Brush your teeth regularly (twice): If you are brushing your teeth once and expecting your teeth to change like some sort of magic, remember that you feed your stomach at least twice a day. This means brushing at night is a very important thing, just like brushing during the day time is.
    2. Rinse your mouth properly: Brushing your teeth takes care of your teeth, but there are dangerous germs still stuck in the corners of your mouth. To get rid of them, you need to rinse your mouth after eating anything at all. Germs and food remains stuck in different corners of your mouth can decay your teeth, along with causing bad breath.
    3. NEVER use a sweet toothpaste: If you like the taste of a specific toothpaste and love using it because of its sweet flavor, you are doing the worst thing for your mouth. NEVER go for a toothpaste that’s sweet. It is going to damage your teeth in the worst manner.


  • Find the best dentist for your oral needs: To get the best Dental Turkey information, you have to spend some time. You need to understand that the time you invest in finding a good dentist is actually you won’t have to spend repeatedly. Once you have a good dentist for your oral care need, you have everything in hands!
  • Visit your dentist once in every three months: Be regular in getting your teeth cleaned by a good dentist.
  • Do not consume beverages on a large scale: Coffee and tea are the two most commonly consumed beverages. No doubt they are amazing and help you in kicking off your sleepiness, but that does not mean they are good for your oral health. They can damage the look of your teeth, weakening them in all the ways. Staining of teeth is the most common issue that they make you go through.
  • Avoid artificial sugar and sweeteners: Sugar is good, but not for your teeth. It is not that you can’t eat them at all, but avoid having them in large quantities.
  • Do not use tobacco products if you want healthier, brighter and prettier teeth: Tobacco may seem to kick off the germs from your mouth, but it is very harmful for your mouth.
  • Use a mouth freshener (also when you are not planning to kiss): A lot of people use a mouth freshener only when they are about to kiss their partner. However, to get rid of the bacteria in the mouth, use medicated mouth freshener. This can help you in keeping your mouth clean and bacteria free!
  • Brush your teeth in the right manner: There are brushing techniques that you need to use in order to ensure that there is nothing stuck in your teeth anymore. Even if you are brushing once a day, learn these techniques so that once is sufficient.


Now that you have read the ten most important things to do in order to promote oral care, go ahead and use these ideas. Do not be worried about your teeth, then. When you spend enough time in taking care of your oral hygiene, dentist is not a nightmare to you anymore. In fact, then you can visit your dentist confidently because in the end, he is the one who is going to give grades to your teeth! If your teeth are good and strong, no dentist would be able to force you to undergo a painful root canal or tooth extraction without any reason.