Giving pets their oral medication is a challenge for novice pet owners. They tend to resist being fed their medicine by struggling, squirming, scratching, and biting. Without the proper tips and the use of veterinary compounding pharmacy techniques, pet lovers will always struggle to give proper medication. Don’t let your beloved pets go on without getting the medicine they need to recover or to live a healthier and happier life, use these tips on the next dosage to make less of a hassle on your part:

Tip 1: The Power of Strong-Smelling Wet Food

House pets like cats and dogs have a better-developed sense of smell. They can easily detect when something is mixed with their food and they won’t even go near their feeding bowl. To help deflect their smell suspicions switch to wet food with a stronger smell. This way it will be more difficult for them to sense that you have mixed in medication with their meal. They’ll eat it all up without any trouble.

Tip 2: Treats for All!

If you have a couple of dogs at home and one of them needs to take their medication, use their number to your advantage. Call everyone and start giving out treats. Amid all the excitement, confusion, and competition slip the pill to your doggy that needs it. In all the jumble they will eat the treat really fast before they can sense it was actually medication.

This is a great veterinary compounding pharmacy technique that’s easy to use but requires expert hands to act quickly. Practice and always remember which hand is holding the medicine to avoid feeding it to the wrong pet.

Tip 3: Hide Medicine Inside Capsules

You’ve experienced trying to swallow extremely bitter medicine in your lifetime. It wasn’t a good experience, right? It is the same with your pets. Once they have tasted the bitterness of the medicine, they won’t be coming back. There are medications that are too bitter to hide in food. Instead, buy empty gel capsules and place the medicine inside. It is a better way to mask the taste.

Tip 4: Don’t Prepare Medication Within Sight

Pets are very smart. They tend to notice your behavior, patterns, and routine. When they see you prepare food and mix the medication inside they will notice this and avoid eating the food. Prepare their dishes away from view so that they don’t see anything odd in your movements. The less they suspect, the more likely they will eat the medication along with the food.

Tip 5: Turn It Into Something Tasty

If you’re really having trouble with giving medication to your pet, you can always turn to veterinary compounding pharmacy. These pros will turn the medicine into a tasty treat that no pet can resist without altering its formulation. It’s an extra step to take, but it’s also worth it when your pets are finally getting the medication they need without a lot of struggle on your part.

It will take a couple of tries until you finally master the tips mentioned above, but it is worth the effort as long as your beloved pets get their medication properly.

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