Water is defined as such when its pH is higher than 7 and is rich in electrons. Ionized water is rich in “energy potential” which is able to neutralize the acid substances present in our body. To obtain ionized alkaline water you can use special machines (ionizers) containing alkaline water filter that we can install in our homes. Thanks to a filtration process, the water is clean of all those contaminants and harmful to health. Then it is subjected to an electrolysis process that makes it ionized and alkalized by reversing the charge from positive to negative.

Have you ever heard of ionized alkaline water?

The most important thing you can do to stay healthy is to drink good water and plenty of it. Bad water can actually make you sick and tired. Drinking electron-rich alkaline water is just as important as eating electron-rich alkaline foods. Like the Earth, our bodies are made up of 70% water (contains from 38 to 49 liters water). All living organisms are mainly composed of water: your muscles and heart are 75% water, your brain and kidneys are 83%, your lungs are 86%, your blood is 94%, and your eyes are 95% water.

You need to keep every cell in your body properly hydrated if you want to enjoy perfect health to the fullest. Proper hydration keeps all your cells healthy and pH in balance so your body can be healthy. If the cells do not get the necessary buffer minerals from what you provide them, they will go to extract the alkaline minerals from the bones, muscles and other parts of the body, leaving these areas unprotected. For optimal health, you need pure, alkaline, electron-charged water with an ideal molecular structure.

Alkaline water

In addition to having to be free of pollutants, your water must be alkaline that is with a pH above 7. Any alkaline value will be better than any acidic water but, as an ideal pH, it is recommended that the water has at least pH 9.5. Much of the tap and bottled water, however, does not even reach neutral pH 7. The contaminants make the water that contains them acidic.

If you drink acidic water, your body is forced to withdraw alkaline substances from the body’s reserves to neutralize it, so that these reserves will no longer be available for any other alkalizing action; and this is a problem when the substance taken is calcium which is responsible for strengthening the bones. On the other hand, when you drink alkaline water, it will be useful for your body to expel acids from your tissues.

Furthermore, harmful microorganisms cannot survive in an environment flooded with alkaline water. And again, alkaline water can contain the alkaline minerals your body needs including calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is, in fact, the ideal supply system for these minerals: dissolved in water, they are in the best condition to be assimilated by your body. Luckily, there are methods of purifying water that anyone can do at home.