Subscription-based web trends come and go but the latest one might be here to stay.  Meal kit services have become quite popular and it is easy to see why. But, of course, it is always good to look at the  pros and cons before deciding if it will work for you.

Meal Kit Pro #1:  SIMPLICITY

One of the most basic rules of cooking is to keep it simple.  With just a few ingredients and some seasonings—combined with different degrees of technique—and you might be surprised what you can do. This is also the basic principle behind meal kits: they provide you with the base ingredients and you simply follow the recipe for an excellent meal. Of course, you can use this foundation as a means to start experimenting with your own ideas, too.


Another basic rule of cooking is controlling portion size.  This is actually pretty hard to do when you cook from scratch because nobody just inherently knows what the proper serving size of beef or rice or vegetables might be.  Portion control is important not only for minimizing waste, but also for optimum nutrition as it ensures you are getting the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients.

Meal Kit Pro #3:  NUTRITION

And while we are on the subject, meal kits help you maintain proper nutrition.  That is another basic rule of cooking: that you should prepare foods that are good for you!  When you subscribe to a meal kit service you can choose from different classifications of food (GMO-free, vegan, kosher, etc) to suit your personal preferences and your health needs.

Meal Kit Con #1:  COST

Now, it is important to be fair and look at some aspects you may not appreciate so much.  The most affordable way to eat is usually to cook everything from scratch—but who has the time?  Of course, you can’t just eat out every day, too—that would be really expensive. Meal kit services can be an affordable alternative to eating out, but they may not well-suit people on a budget; you’ll have to figure out how you can balance it.

Meal Kit Con #2:  SIZE

Even though portion control is important, one portion may not always be enough for you.  Maybe you want to eat more or maybe you had a particularly long day and need more nutrition! This could mean that you have to use another prepaid portion or cook something else to supplement. Check the size of your Meal Kit Delivery box before ordering.