Vaping has enjoyed an astronomical rise in popularity, especially in the younger generation in recent years because of its cool factor. Now, studies suggest there could be some medical benefits, too.

Smokers are often frowned upon by non-smokers simply because they can’t stand the smell, it is carcinogenic and its effects are worse for passive smokers. This is one of the reasons why smokers have turned to vaping to curb their vice and those who wanted to try smoking have tried vaping instead.

Almost five years ago, smoking in America was at an all-time low and vaping was a big part of it. One of the things that people like about vaping is that it can be customized. People like things that they can modify or control according to their own liking.

Since it can be customized, the flavors available are also wide-ranging. Unlike cigarettes where flavors are limited in mint, menthol, ice, apple and regular red, vaping offer flavors which can be denser and more satisfying than cigarettes.

Diamond CBD, a subsidiary of PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), is one of the companies that make high-quality vaping products such as vape pens, vape tanks, and refills. Diamond CBD has done a great job of obtaining lab results and posting it on their website beside each specific product for transparency and convenience. They also uploaded how-to-use videos, listed its active ingredients and return policy. All products can be ordered online and free shipping is available for a minimum order of $100 within the U.S.

Some of the best sellers are Chong’s Choice Vape Additive, Liquid Gold (Vape Liquid) 5ml – Strawberry and CBD Re-Leaf (Vaping Pen) – Jungle Juice.

In addition, vape pens are not as dangerous as others think it would be. A vape pen has three parts: atomizer, rechargeable batteries and a liquid cartridge called E-liquid. The liquid cartridge is flavored and it contains pleasant smell, unlike cigarettes. Some vape pens can be mistaken from e-cigarettes. The latter resemble normal cigarettes down to size, shape, weight, and color. They are designed to stimulate cigarette smoking so it could trick the user that what he or she is using is an actual cigarette.

Inhaling the smoke from vapes is not dangerous as no studies have been done to prove this has negative effects for passive smokers, so far. The Food and Drug Administration has even endorsed some vape pens for therapeutic use to quit smoking.

The vape juice makes it interesting to vapers. It can be customized and infused with different ingredients such as THC for medical marijuana patients. Flavors can range anywhere from desserts, candies, fruits and drinks which make it appealing to different age groups.

Diamond CBD offers a wide range of vape liquids with hemp-derived CBD such as Relax (Vape Liquid) 12ml – Jungle Juice and CBD Re-Leaf (Vaping Pen) – Strawberry. Relax Vape Liquid contains 100 percent natural CBD without THC and contains industrial hemp cannabidiol, USP grade vegetable glycerin, and artificial flavoring. On the other hand, Diamond CBD Disposable Vaping Oil Pen comes with great tasting CBD and also contains industrial hemp cannabidiol, USP grade vegetable glycerin, and artificial flavoring.

One of the advantages of the vape liquids and vape pens with CBD is it could help ease anxiety and make the users feel relaxed. Because the products come in disposable packages or small variants, the issue with dosage is prevented.

A landmark study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University College London, and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and revealed that vaping is safer than smoking in the long term. The study, which may need additional work in the future, considered 181 smokers or ex-smokers who were polled and asked to provide breath, saliva and urine samples. The former smokers who have shifted to vaping showed lower levels of toxic chemicals and carcinogens in their body.

Vaping has become trendy due to its cool factor but it is about time its health advantages and benefits are also mentioned in conversations about it.