You should start with the term ‘Kojic acid’.

It is an acid derived from a particular fungus. Well known for its antioxidant properties, the acid has a backup with many research results proving its effectiveness in dermatological therapies.

The acid is scientifically known to treat hyperpigmentation of the skin. It has become a popular ingredient in the manufacture of numerous beauty products like kojic soap, cream, serum, etc.

This effective skin lightening compound has gained much resonance with beauty care enthusiasts. Its fairness results have become a benchmark of beauty enhancement.

Kojic acid – function for depigmentation

It is a by-product of fermented rice-malts. The compound is a metabolite, produced by species like Acetobacter, Penicillium and Aspergillus. Studies on the compound have shown it acts as a reversible and competitive inhibitor of polyphenol oxidases produced by plants and animals. These oxidases act as catalysts to convert tyrosine into melanin, the substance that creates pigmentation.

The acid also inhibits melanosis as it interferes with the oxygen intake leading to enzymatic browning.

Its presence in skin care products

Your body has a natural capacity to produce melanin pigments from cells called melanocytes. Everyone’s cells produce roughly the same amount of melanin, but the skin colour is determined by how much of the pigment is processed by these specific cells.

Besides, the pigment production is affected by different environmental, biological and dietary patterns, like exposure to the sun, tissue inflammation, pregnancy, etc. These factors result in greater melanin production in your body. This is where a kojic soap or cream comes in handy.

Your skin absorbs the acid content in these soaps, which reacts with the oxidases, leading to the lower conversion of melanin.

That is not all. Kojic acid present in soaps like Kojie san soap is also a powerful antioxidant. It has the potential to reduce and neutralise the effect of free radicals, which lead to cell damage.

Kojic soaps and creams

Kojic soap is widely used for skin lightening and for whitening the skin. 

  • Reversing ageing signs
  • Maintaining the skin’s suppleness
  • Reducing wrinkles

One can easily lighten dark patches on the epidermal layer or darker areas like underarms, neck area, groin, etc. with regular use of soaps like Kojie san soap.

However, if you are planning to use these products on your face, it’s better to go for creams and serums based on the acid. They are more effective in curing blemishes or dark spots on a smaller area than any other naturally occurring compound.

Some of the kojic acid benefits:

A kojic soap or cream can do wonder to your epidermal layer like –

  • Treats melasma, darkening of the skin due to pregnancy.
  • Decreases scar marks by reducing their pigmentation which makes them less noticeable.
  • They carry antifungal properties which help in the prevention and treatment of certain fungal infections.
  • These products also have antibacterial benefits that help decrease a chance of contracting bacterial infections.

The products have healing and depigmentation properties that result in a flawless skin and give you an elegant radiance.