Egg donation helps women who are unable to produce healthy eggs on their own. If you’re seriously interested in becoming a donor, you might be wondering about the egg donation process. The process might entail less than you think. 

Initial Process

The first step of the egg donation process consists of you undergoing a series of applications and interviews with The Donor Solution. From the information you provide at this point, you may be selected to be part of the donor egg pool. You’ll then have to wait until a woman selects you to become her egg donor. Once you’ve been chosen to become a person’s donor, you’ll have to undergo an initial screening, a medical screening and evaluation, legal processing, synchronization and stimulation and then the egg retrieval process. The entire process will take place over the course of six to 10 weeks.

The initial screening process consists of hormone testing and blood testing. You’ll have a transvaginal ultrasound conducted and will have to meet with the clinic’s coordinator. You’ll have to undergo a medical screening, which is similar to a wellness visit at the gynecologist’s office. During this time, you’re checked for any medical conditions that could interfere with your ability to donate eggs. After the clinic receives all of your test results, you’ll have to have a psychological exam. You may require additional medical or genetic testing.  

After all of your medical and psychological evaluations are received and you’re deemed as a healthy donor, you’ll have to sign legal documentation. We provide an attorney for the process at no fee to you.

Synchronization and Stimulation

The next step consists of you taking injectable medications for a designated amount of time. We’ll explain each medication that you’ll have to take and educate you about any possible side effects. For instance, you’ll have to take one injection of follicle stimulating hormone for 10 days. The hormone is the same hormone a woman produces naturally to mature eggs in the ovaries. You’ll be given one injection of Lupron each day for 12 days. The Lupron prevents you from releasing an egg in addition to regulating your hormone levels. During the stimulating process, you may experience PMS-like symptoms such as bloating, cramping and mood swings. 

The Egg Retrieval 

The final step of the egg donation process is the actual retrieval. You won’t experience any pain during the procedure because you’ll be sedated.

If you have any specific questions regarding the egg donation process, contact us at The Donor Solution by calling 713-827-0301. We want to put your mind at ease that you’re doing something amazing by giving a woman the ability to bear the child she always wanted.