Lantus is a long-acting insulin substitute that is delivered into the body through injection. It begins working after around an hour, and lasts for up to a day. Lantus helps diabetic persons by compensating for their body’s inability to synthesize and use its own insulin.

Lantus is available either as a cartridge, vial or disposable pen.

What you should do when taking Lantus

You may be unable to fully manage diabetes without any external help. Your family and friends could provide support in case of emergencies. You should educate them on your condition, as well as any potential symptoms they should look out for. Keeping a glucagon kit nearby, and educating those close to you how to use it, may prove to be the difference between life and death if you experience severe hypoglycemia.

You should inform your doctor about any birth control pills, buserelin, estrogen pills, anabolic steroids, antipsychotics, growth hormones, niacin and oral diabetes medication that you may be taking. These could have an adverse reaction with Lantus, which may even result in hospitalization.

A change in lifestyle will help Lantus work better in your body. For best results, you should eat healthy and well-balanced diets, while watching your intake of fats and processed sugars. You will also need to reduce your intake of sugary drinks, as they might affect your blood sugar levels. A calorie counter could help you keep track of dietary changes, and to find the ideal foods for you.

You should also take up exercising to help your body break down excess sugars. If you are uncomfortable at the gym, you could customize your routine around activities you may enjoy. Dancing, biking, hiking, and swimming can help you burn just as many calories.

What you should not do when taking Lantus

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited under this treatment plan unless you get a go-ahead from your doctor before taking Lantus. Even then, you should not drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

Lantus may also not be used by persons with hypoglycemia, those in a diabetic coma or those who have recently undergone surgery. You may need to consult your doctor before taking up this plan, to prevent any adverse effects.

You should not take Lantus if your dose is not clear and colorless. Any discoloration, clouding, and clumping may be a result of contamination. Such a dose could be harmful to your health. You should not use Lantus after 28 days of opening a vial. Unused bottles may be kept in the refrigerator, but should not be allowed to freeze. You should not use Lantus after the expiry period on the packaging.

Lantus may be dangerous for people who are not under prescription, regardless of the similarity of symptoms. You should not share your medication under any circumstances.

Final thought

Lantus is a lasting solution in the management of diabetes. If you are unable to afford lantus, you may consult your doctor about getting lantus coupon assistance to help provide access to the medication.