Many people who are new to marijuana use still don’t know what gummies are, what they taste like or how to take them. This article will review the best value marijuana gummies for beginners that have been reviewed by real users, professional reviewers and experts. These reviews come from sites such as Leafly, High Times and Puffitup. Every marijuana edible is going to find something different in these reviews so you can find a good fit for your own personal needs.

Maryjane Gummies

The Maryjane Gummies line has been around for a while now. It’s one of the oldest gummy line out there. The company makes very potent edible products, each with their own unique taste and potency profile. This gummy is packed with a high THC potency, it contains 20mg THC per ounce while containing only 50 calories. The ones that I have reviewed contained 2.25 grams of cannabis oil in every two pack of five grams, giving them a total amount of 1.5 grams per pack or 7mg THC per gram.


The Bonzai line of gummies won’t blow you away with their originality but they are extremely potent and will give you a nice energy boost without any side effects. I have heard that the same company makes both the Bonzai line and ‘the stronger stuff’, which is likely to be the Green Lightning Gummies. It’s got 30mg THC per two pack or three grams of flower in every eight gram package. It contains 420mg of CBD per two pack or 638mg CBD per gram, so it’s probably a very high quality product.

Green Lightning

The Green Lightning line of gummies are the strongest in the Bonzai line of offerings. I tend to like the original ones better than the newer Green Lightning products. The Green Lightning Gummies contain 60mg THC each in two packs or four grams per package (1.5g/pack). The total amount of THC per gram is 1.25 which is exactly half a gram less than the Bonzai gummies above, making this product one of the best value cannabis gummies for beginners, or experienced users too.


The Bluebird line is one of the oldest brands out there. The Bluebird gummies are a very simple sativa weed gummy line. They contain 10mg THC per single pack or two grams of marijuana in every eight gram packages (1.5g/pack). The total amount of THC per gram is also 1.5 which is also the same amount as the Bonzai above for a more affordable price. It’s always better to consume smaller doses at a time than large ones so these will suit both users and beginners perfectly.