Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the hands and legs especially on palms and soles and on foreheads. Treatment is available in Siddha. They use a variety of herbs in Siddha to cure the hyperhidrosis. The sweating in your body helps to regulate body temperature. Some of the emotions and situations such as heavy physical activity, scared feeling, and anger, can make your body sweat. When this sweating happens excessively, there is a need to proceed with treatment to cure this hyperhidrosis. It can be treated through Ayurveda or Siddha effectively without any side effects.

This hyperhidrosis can affect the body organs. This can make you feel embarrassed whenever your body sweats. The sweating is the process of excluding the excess heat from your body with this it maintains the body temperature. The main cause of the increase in body temperature is stress. To evacuate stress and hyperhidrosis, Siddha is the best way for curing.

Treatment ways for hyperhidrosis in Ayurveda

  1. The herb of antiperspirant
  2. Pitta dosh removal
  3. Managing stress
  4. Stambhan therapy

The antiperspirant herb for the treatment of hyperhidrosis is the Svedipanayana herb. It helps in controlling body temperature and also to reduce excessive sweating. This herb has warm and cold properties. With this, excess sweating can be prevented. This herb can be consumed in several ways like mastika, canopy, etc… You can also consider the Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Sugar Land, Tx

Art of managing stress

 Everyone suffers from depression, stress, and fear, which may cause your body to sweat more. Also, excessive sweating might happen due to some bile dysfunction and indigestion with a constant increase in body temperature. This is commonly known as excessive pitta dosh. To evacuate this pitta dosh, soak 10 numbers of raisins in the night and consume it in the morning. To make your mind calm and tension-free, practice Siddha yogasanas like pranayama. It helps in managing stress.

In stambhan therapy, they use Chandra Naditaille one hour before the bath. When washing the hair during the bath, the hair follicles get attached with the Chandanadi that closes the sweaty holes. This helps to reduce sweat and also keeps your body fresh.

How to control body temperature

 When evaluating the affected area, the nerve gets relaxed without any sweat gland. Through

peaceful sleep, one can control the sweat. By doing so, one can get relaxation and the sweating can be reduced; you may also get the sweat-free temporarily. It varies from one to another according to the individual body temperatures. For this, you can get help from Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Sugar Land, Tx, in which they add sarivadyasava, as it acts as a blood purifier and also cools the body temperature.