HGH or Human Growth Hormone is often touted as the fountain of youth. This can be a reality or an exaggeration but there are medical evidences that support some benefits of HGH therapy. You might not get as young as half of your age but you definitely feel anti aging benefits to an extent. Also growth hormone improves overall quality of life as well. Here we are going to list all the major benefits of HGH therapy.

Increases energy & endurance, improves sports performance and recovery

With 3 months of starting with HGH therapy you will notice substantial improvement in your performance physically. There is a sudden spurt of energy as growth hormone increases in body. Your immunity will start improving, improving your endurance. Cardiac system and lungs are also benefited from HGH therapy.

By enhancing cell regeneration and re-growth, growth hormone improves the recovery time. This helps in middle age and later years of life to deal with injuries. Use of HGH supplements in replacement therapy is found to be taking a turn with advent of oral supplements. Now you need not to administer injections for therapy, oral HGH Pills have replaced injections.

Increases immune system function

Our immunity is at peak when we hit puberty. It is proven that HGH replacement therapy is a powerful way to strengthen immunity naturally. HGH directly improves immunity but it also benefits health indirectly through other channels such as stimulating of bacteria fighting macrophages and increasing erythropoiesis.

HGH reduces fat accumulation and builds lean muscle mass

Use of oral HGH releasers is made predominantly in weight loss therapy. As growth hormone burns fat easily it helps in reducing obesity and improves lean muscle mass. With aging there is drop in growth hormone level that causes us to gain weight. With HGH therapy you can maintain a lean muscular body.

Increases bone density

In a Swedish study carried out on men it was found that with HGH therapy, bone density can be improved significantly. It was found that subjects of the study showed improved osteocalcin production that is a bone making calcium. Improved bone health also reduces the risk of fractures in old people.

Overall wellbeing

With boosted growth hormone, body is able to maintain a healthy composition. It benefits the overall quality of life. You will feel happy and there will be less aging related depress and mood swings.