The complexity of adrenal clinical entities and adrenal glands, and everything related to their clinical management is quite high. The adrenal disorders and the way of addressing them with the proper surgical approaches are possible only for experienced surgeons in the field. Hence, the best and ideal way of approaching this issue is with the help of the top-listed surgeons. 

Webop Destination focuses on allowing surgeons to gain complete knowledge about all the surgical solutions available for adrenal gland issues. The available videos for learning everything about the procedure in this destination are broken down into simpler steps to make learning them easier for interested medical professionals. All available information on the educative videos can be availed from


The broken-down steps of adrenalectomy start from the findings in the CT reports. The image demonstrates the presence of a cyst of 5 to 6 cm mass on the left adrenal region. This cyst is clinically termed a pheochromocytoma. 

  • A 2cm medial is performed on the left upper quadrant region and this technique is known as minilaparotomy. This procedure includes the exploration of the area to understand the actual place where the cyst is present. 
  • Once the exploration of the abdominal region is done, the next step is the introduction of two more working trocars. The one that is introduced to the left is 5mm and another one is a Versa-port V12. 
  • They will be introduced to the 11th rib anterior region. 
  • The introduced trocars will be guided to the region accordingly by the surgeon. 

All these steps are clearly explained in the e-learning videos to make the surgeons understand every step clearly. 

Surgical Treatments 

The uses of surgical treatments are recommended for some cases such as secret mineralocorticoid hormones, pheochromocytomas, neuroblastomas, glucocorticoids, paragangliomas, adrenal tumours, metastases, and so on. The adrenal surgical procedures will remove the tumours that will secrete unwanted hormones and chemicals into the body. 

Online Tutorial Help 

All theoretical knowledge about surgeries including the adrenalectomy procedure cannot make justice to the surgeons when there is not enough practical knowledge. 

Some surgeons prefer training their juniors by including them in all the surgeries and procedures from then on. However, no knowledge is as helpful as the online tutorial videos of surgical procedures. 

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The best part of choosing the e-learning solution for surgical procedures is that every detail required in addressing the different parts of the veins, neurons, organs system, and everything else included in the process will be clearly explained along with the name tags. The viewer can clearly understand which part of the skin or body is being addressed, chosen, or even chosen for an incision for the procedure of adrenalectomy. 

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