Sports massage is a type of muscle manipulation massage that is done manually aiming at specific concerns to help people who have a physically strenuous or demanding lifestyle and or hobbies. Massage takes into consideration the strain of physical activities on the muscles, tendons, soft tissue, and ligaments  and then makes a treatment plan without causing the strain to an existing problem. The conscious treatment of sports massage therapy Makes use of the best of the massage technique why not physically exerting the problem area. An initial assessment with the therapist before the initiation of massage can create a bridge between the patients expectations and needs and the therapist treatment plan.

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In the U.S., Jack meagher Is considered the father of sports massage therapy.  One of the earliest users of sports massage therapy is Runner Paavo Nurmi, also known as the flying finn, Who used sports massage therapy and won 5 olympics medals in paris in the year 1924. A lot of combinations of movements and techniques are used in sports massage therapy like stroking, kneading,friction, tapotement, compression, vibration, gliding percussion, stretching and trigger points. These well structured and executed movements and techniques will help the athlete use his body to the maximum  of his ability and physical condition.  massage also decreases the chance of injury or pain and helps in faster recovery.

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Some of the benefits of sports massage at listed below:

  • When talking about an athlete and sports massage relaxation may not  be a Priority but it is extremely important for an athlete to maintain their mental health to its best conditioning. Sports massage therapy helps in balancing and maintaining a stable state of mind
  • Recovering from injury or strain is  unique to every athlete. The specific therapy designed for recovery of an athlete will depend upon the athlete’s previous medical condition, the sport he plays, the engagement of physical activity etc.  Sin sports massage therapy can be customised into the needs and challenges of every individual,  no  other massage therapy beats sports massages in this aspect. 
  • Sports massages also benefit the athlete in sleeping better in improving his overall performance And in removing toxins from the body of the athlete.
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