Pimple marks are a serious problem for many of the people. If the pimple comes, it leaves the acne marks on the face. It looks so irritating. The pimple stays only 5-6 days but the acne after the pimple marks stay for more than a week.  Don’t worry; many of the pimple marks removal creams are available now. Before choosing the cream you have to know some of the basic things about the pimples.

Types of pimple marks

There are three types of pimple marks. They are

  1. Some of the pimples are very small pimples which can flat and black scares. These can be easily removable.
  2. Another one is to develop a deep white head that can go very deep into the skin and cause chicken-box like acne. This is also called a boxcar, ice pick, and rolling scars.
  3. Some of the pimples are very deep, keloid scars or cystic acne which cause brown marks on the face.

Medical treatment for pimples

There is lots of pimple marks removal cream and treatment is available. The acne marks can be easily removed by the treatment by using lightening agents like kojic acid and azelaic acid. You can also take treatment at your dermatologist clinic once a month where they can clear the epidermal layer of the skin and lightening the pimple marks. You can also lighten the pimple marks by using soft, gel face peels with the azelaic, lactic or glycolic acid.

Simple home remedies to remove the pimple marks

The best way to avoid the pimple mark is to scrub your face for 2-3 times a week to remove the dust from the skin and also brighten the skin.  In case you have deep acne marks, you have to take treatment to remove these marks. Another thing is to note that you should not have any active pimple before a scrub. Scrub your face with the active pimple may spread the bacteria and also broke the pimple.

The simple way to remove the pimple marks is to scrub your face using the natural mixture. The ingredient required for making the mixture is:

  • Lime juice
  • Gram flour
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Turmeric powder

Mix all these ingredients in an equal portion and make it as a paste. Apply this paste for 30 minutes and wash by using normal water. The lactic acid in the milk and lime juice helps to lighten the pimple marks.

Ways to avoid pimple marks

  • Don’t apply anything harsh on your face.
  • Try to avoid more travel in the polluted areas.
  • Always keep your face clean and wash frequently using normal water.
  • Try to avoid excess use of artificial face creams.
  • Always use natural things to brighten your skin.
  • If you have an oily face, you have to avoid eating oily foods.
  • Take healthy food and also spend some time to take care of your face.

These are simple ways to avoid pimple marks.

Final thoughts:

Use the best pimple marks removal cream which suits your face to remove the pimple marks and get a beautiful face. Always use the natural face creams to get a shiny and bright face.