If you wake up with a headache and stiff ear these days, then you are probably getting a wisdom tooth inside your mouth popping out. Although you might ignore it, the growth of your wisdom tooth will only make the problem worse. 

Therefore, it is best to get it removed by consulting with a dentist. If you live in Bloomfield, then you can consult with a Bloomfield dentist today and get your wisdom tooth removed in the most effective way.

6 Signs To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out 

  1. Gum inflammation and bleeding 

When your wisdom teeth erupt from your gum, it causes pericoronitis, a condition where you notice inflammation around your wisdom tooth caused by the soft tissues around the partially flared-up wisdom tooth. 

This condition causes redness around your gums along with bad breath and swelling around the mouth. Additionally, you will notice bleeding gums when you brush your teeth if you have wisdom teeth.

  1. Headache and earache 

Headache and earache are also commonly noticed among people with flared-up wisdom teeth since the growth of wisdom teeth from its root impacts your other body parts. 

The root of your wisdom tooth can make your head feel heavy and ear stiff as it grows over time.

  1. Pain in the jaw 

If you are noticing pain while chewing food, then it can be a sign of wisdom teeth, as wisdom teeth cause jaw stiffness and mangled teeth. 

Since the wisdom tooth can change your bite by flaring up improperly, it can cause pain in your jaw. It also causes eating issues due to wrong bites, causing improper digestion, which further leads to health issues.

  1. Cyst formation 

If you neglect to remove your wisdom tooth for a long time, then you can notice a small ball-like formation in your mouth or a cyst. 

This can be a serious issue since cysts can lead to the formation of tumors caused by the popped-up gum area, leading to severe health diseases. 

Therefore, remove your wisdom teeth before you notice these fluid-filled sacs around your gums, which will require complex treatments for removal.

  1. Overcrowding teeth

When one wisdom tooth pops out of your jaw, another finds a way to make it overcrowded with teeth. Furthermore, these overcrowded teeth build pressure on the other teeth around them, leading them to change their position and get crooked. 

This leads to an improper tooth set and an unattractive smile, and to avoid it, you should get an x-ray done by a dentist to predict the growth of your wisdom tooth to get it removed.

  1. Pain in the back area of the mouth

If you are continuously experiencing pain at the back of your mouth, then this can be a sign of your wisdom tooth coming out. 

Since wisdom teeth flare up at the back area of the mouth and cause discomfort, it is best to remove your wisdom tooth as this pain increases over time and becomes unbearable, especially when you talk or eat.