Our smile is an important part of making our whole image. But often times we aren’t happy with the appearance of our teeth. They may be crooked, discoloured or we may even miss teeth. The complex is totally real and several people get bullied for their teeth. People had to deal with it for several years but now they can take the help of Facings to make their smile brand new. They have worked as a boon for many people and can work for anyone who does not enjoy their current tooth situation. So, let us know about this thing in a little detail.

What are facings?

Facings are composite or porcelain overlays shaped like the teeth. The dentist fixes it on the patient to give them a totally changed set of teeth. Facings can be used for multiple things such as to hide chipped tooth, to change the colour of your teeth or to fill gaps between teeth. People have the choice to either go for composite facings or porcelain facings based on their choice. So, let us know a bit about both the types.

Composite Facings:

Your Composite facings will be made just before your eyes in the dentist’s office. The dentist will take a colour choice and make the facings. An adhesive is used for fixing the facing to your teeth and it is strengthened with a special lamp. The dentist will then shape them to fit your whole set. Composite facings can be done in one sitting and they are quite inexpensive. But it does discolour quite faster when compared to porcelain facing. They also need to be replaced quite often.

Porcelain Facings:

These facings are made in a laboratory to make it perfect for the patient. It takes about two sittings to get done with the treatment. The first sitting is for taking the impressions to make the facings. Then on the second day, your facings will be attached with the help of an adhesive. The porcelain facing do not discolour and last longer. But they tend to be quite expensive when compared to composite facings.

Placing the facings is completely painless and caring for them is as easy as a clean dental hygiene. So, people who have been wary about their smile can definitely check out facing. Your dentist will help you in all sorts of ways to make it the perfect one for you.