Who would have thought that one fine day we would be paying for consumption of clean water? Whenever someone steps out of the house, one item that is always kept in the travel bag is the ‘Water Bottle’. Though you can buy mineral water from outside, you would still have more trust in the ‘pure water’ that you have got from home. Normally when you spend money on a particular product, you have more trust on the brand & the product. But the same may not be true for packaged drinking water. There is a common misconception that consuming tap water directly is safe, doing so is like giving an open invitation to water-borne diseases. Bacteria, nitrate, lead, etc. are some of the common contaminants present in water. Due to water pollution & contamination, there are impurities in water and hence it is always recommended that you & your loved ones consume water from RO Water Filter or RO Purifier.

Let’s have a look at purifiers in some more detail. If you are searching for the most economical solution for water purification, you should use ‘Water Purifiers’. However, the disadvantage of using Water Purifier is that it does not remove all the impurities in the water. There are better options like RO Water Purifier and UV Water Purifier that are more suitable for Indian homes and offices. RO Water Purifier from a reputed company like LivPure has multistage water purification process. Advanced RO Water Purifiers have 7 stage water purification process, namely

  • Pre-Filter: This stage is used for purification of physical impurities present in water.
  • Sediment Filter: This stage is used for removal of sediments.
  • Pre-Activated Carbon Granular Filter: This stage is used for removal of pesticides, chlorine, etc. present in the water. It also removes bad odor and bad taste in the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane: RO membrane removes the heavy metals, pesticides, and other salts in the water. This is the main stage in the case of RO Water Purifier.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column: Ultra Violet rays are used for removal of waterborne disease causing microbes.
  • Ultra Filtration Cartridge: This stage is used for removal of suspended particles present in the water.
  • Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge: This final stage removes the remaining impurities in water and improves the odor of the water.

This makes the water safe for consumption hence, you no longer be worried about waterborne diseases. As discussed above, advanced RO Water Purifiers even have RO, UV, UF, and Taste Enhancer. If you are looking for a more economical option for RO Water Purifier, you can choose RO Water Purifiers with Stage-5 water purification process. A known brand like LivPure has different varieties of RO Water Purifiers namely Livpure Pep Star RO Water Purifier, Livpure Touch 2000 RO Water Purifier, Livpure Eco Touch RO Water Purifier, etc. Customers can also opt for UV Water Purifier for home, which is more cost-effective and gives instantly purified water. Though UV Water Purifier is an inexpensive option for water purification; the disadvantage is that it does not remove dissolved purities, requires electricity, and the rays do not remain when the water is purified.

Based on your requirements, customers should buy best water purifier from a reputed brand like LivPure since they have good customer service and good after-sales service. Many customers who plan to purchase Water Purifier RO or RO Water Purifier check the RO price in offline stores and purchase from the LivPure’s online store. The primary advantage of using the online medium is convenience and even consumers from tier-2, tier-3 cities are using online commerce to buy Water Purifiers, along with checking online purifier price. As it is said – Water is Your Best Friend for Life and it is always recommended to have pure water to lead a ‘healthy life’!