Detox sounds scary to many people. They always associate detoxication with drug-poisoning. Detoxification is simply cleansing of the blood of the toxin substances. Toxins are the harmful substances in your body that are obtained from body functions like digestion and respiration. Today, it is impossible to avoid these harmful substances since they are in our food, water and air. Toxins can cause health complications even when you are not aware. Hence, there is need to detox regularly. Some of the ways of detoxing your body like I did in Bali is by taking proper diet, exercising and taking adequate water.

Discover why your body needs a detox.

10. Eliminate bad breath and body odor
Bad breath and body odor causes low esteem to patients. Most patients of bad breath always turn to tooth pastes for fresh breath. Using tooth paste is just a way controlling bad breath. This means that you will still shave that nasty breathe even after brushing your teeth. Bad breath is connected to improper digestive process. Detoxifying your body helps you clean the digestive tracks especially the colon. The colon stores the waste. With detox you are able to excrete the waste. Intoxicated digestive system promotes fresh breath.

Again, using deodorants is not a permanent solution to body odor. The blood is full of toxins causing the body odor. The permanent solution is detoxing your liver and skin. You can detox your liver using The Liver Cleansing Diet.

9. Healthy skin
Unhealthy skin is a result of ‘dirt’ in skin layers. The ‘dirt’ could be metals and fats. Detox cleanses the dirt, thus, preventing skin cells decay. Instead, it replaces it with vitamins. This enables the skin to stay free from acne and pimples. However, the acne or pimples may increase during your detox process but will end at the end of the process. Also, healthy skin prevents the body from immature aging. Detoxification prevents the body from damages. This is through drinking a lot of fluids as the process demands. The fluids hydrate and moisturizesthe skin thus preventing form damages such as sunburns and wrinkles.

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8. Weight loss
Detox is one of the effective ways of losing weight in just a short period. Cholesterol and calories encourage excess weight gain. Detox discourages the consumption of calories and promotes healthy diet of fruits. Moreover, detox involves exercises which is anti- weight gain.

7. Prevent chronic diseases
Most of the chronic diseases are caused by the toxins. For example, most types of cancer are a result of the metals found in the body such as mercury. Detox eradicates the toxins, hence, making the body immune to the chronic diseases.
In addition, detox contributes to weight loss. Much weight also causes chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and hypertension.

6. Strengthens body immunity
The immune system depends entirely on nutrients and vitamins consumed. However, toxins prevent efficient absorption of the nutrients. Detox eliminates all the threats to efficient assimilation of nutrients to the blood stream. It does this by cleansing all the toxins found in the body. Most importantly, detox process focuses on exercises which enable the body to stay fit by allowing smooth circulation of the blood. Again, detox lowers the risks of diseases which further boosts the immune system.

5. Remove toxins
This is the major function of detox. As said above, toxins are the harmful substances found in the body. In the body, excretion organs like kidney, skin and liver perform the detox function. Intoxicated body is healthy body full of nutrients and free from diseases. Detox replaces the toxins with other useful nutrients. Also, detox process encourages the cleansing of these organs to facilitate their detox function

4. Heals insomnia
Detoxing makes the body to be in a relaxed condition. The body feels good and full of energy thanks to detox. With all the toxins removed, your body is able to effectively absorb nutrients. This helps your energy level to increase. The increased energy level facilitates your mental stability. The mental stability is a result of the body free from diseases. This means that the body is not stressed, thus, leads to proper sleep. Again, a relaxed body is always free from moodiness. You become happier with your health.

3. Facilitate absorption of vitamins and nutrients
Toxins make the absorption of nutrients and vitamins straining. The body is somehow unable to absorb the nutrients and vitamins hence leading different health complications. Detox ensures the efficient absorption of these nutrients by the body.

2. Good digestion process
Nothing is as irritating as indigestion process. Indigestion causes to digestion hazards such as bloating and bad breath. Detox removes wastes and gases in the digestive tracks. In fact, detox encourages consumption of fiber to ease the excretion of waste from the digestive tracks.

1. Muscle Pain and fatigue relief
Detox plays a major role in muscle pain and fatigue relief. Muscles produce lactic acid during exercises or an activity. The lactic acid causes soreness and pain in the muscle which in turn causes fatigue. Detox reduces the amount of lactic acid produced, thus, relieving pain and fatigue.