Pain in your heel generally happens because of excessive strain. The initial foot part which has interaction with the ground during walking is viewed as the heel, and it is the heel bone which is mostly disposed to stress when you are walking. Heel pain is an excessively common problem contracted because of hectic activities, and athletes are most susceptible to developing heel pain disorders. Sometimes, the inception of this pain can turn out to be a sudden discomfort, but at times, it becomes a progressive one which can become worse over time.

Causes of heel pain

It is highly essential to make a correct diagnosis of the reason of heel pain, and when you take heel pain treatment in NYC, then the physicians would create a comprehensive approach to your knee problems and treat the problem from its root. Some common causes of heel pain are:

  • Plantar Fasciitis – This problem is viewed as the most common reason that gives rise to heel pain as well as heel spurs. Generally, the fascia is flexible and strong, but because of some factors, like age, too much weight, unusual stress, painful stretching, poor functioning of the foot, and small tearing of the plantar fascia tissue, it becomes weak.
  • Heel spur – This problem is generally witnessed in patients who experience a long-standing foot pain because of plantar fasciitis.
  • Posterior Heel pain – Posterior pain causes signs at the back of your foot, instead of underneath. When you use ill-fitting shoes and overuse them, then it gives rise to posterior pain.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – This problem can be the result of ganglions, fractures, bone spurs, benign tumors, muscle impingement, or foot deformities. It is generally caused by something which develops compression on the latter tibial nerve.

Irrespective of the reason of heel pain, you must never ignore the condition as it can worsen and put an adverse effect on your daily routine and lifestyle.

Important therapies

For curing heel pain, you can have a couple of options; firstly, exercises plus home remedies, and secondly, medications and surgery.

Exercises and home remedies:

You must relax and take a break from your usual routine. Again, you must not stand for too long, walk, or jog and in some days, you will see that the inflammation has gone.

  • Ice pack – You can use this option whenever you get hurt.
  • Warm up – Warm-up activities and simple exercises will free your muscles when they are cramped or compressed, but you must do them only when the pain worsens.
  • Simple medications – You will find many drugs and that too without prescription to escape from inflammation or pain, and they are recognized as painkillers.
  • Medicines and surgery:
  • If you opt to take heel pain treatment in NYC then you will get treatment from the specialized and qualified doctors who will suggest you the following:
  • Sound therapy – In this, waves of the sound get passed via the exaggerated portion, and it is only used in chronic pain.
  • Shoe inserts – Shoe inserts are the resting place of your heel, and it is made high and soft for keeping shocks minimal.
  • Surgery – When the idea of soft footwear, heel holders, and ice pack don’t work, then, the lump gets removed through surgery.