Many of you will hear this term for the first time as it is completely a new idea from the world of treating the extra fat. The term Coolsculpting is a noninvasive sculpting of the body contours and fatty areas so that the areas lose the extra cells of fat. The process was approved by the FDA in 2010 and it started as a new way to remove the love handles and extra bulges that are seen in the body of overweight females. This now handles most of the bulges of the body including the double chin of some of the people who has got extra fat cells. This is a great technology that actually works wonder.

It works through a device and an applicator

When you have decided to get the fat cells of a particular area treated with this process, you will go through some regular steps. You will find the people who treat with this process will take photographs of the area and they will also take different measurements so that they can fit the Coolsculpting device there.

They will attach an applicator is attached to the area and this applicator is in turn connected to the device for Coolsculpting. This applicator is the one for which all the measurements are taken. This is chosen on the shape of the part, size and the fat quantity that can be pinched in a special way through the applicator.

Resulting look will come slowly

This treatment will not be completed in a single sitting – if you want to remove the extra bulges in your body. This works for a particular area at a time and removed the fat cells permanently. The single treatment will not give you desired shape as the other areas will still hold the fat cells. You will have to sit for more treatments so that most of the fat cells are eliminated. You will soon find mild reduction of fat all over your body and an improved waistline. The bulges of your body will be less and this will happen more for the areas that are treated with the method of coolsculpting San Diego. You will not find these happening in a day but gradually your body will take the better shape.

Effects on your bulges and not on muscles

You must understand that this method is not for shedding a huge pound off your body. This does not work on the muscles of your body and the muscles weigh much more than the fat deposits in your body. You will actually shed 25% of the fat cells and so it will not be making a lot of difference when you weigh yourself. The most easily felt or seen effects will be the loss of the bulge that used to spill over your jeans or your inner garments. You will get a drop in your size of clothing but again that will not be huge drop. It is a permanent reduction procedure that will remain away from you if you take care of your diet and keep your body healthy and fit. You can just move in for the treatment and feel lighter and a few inches shorter in your waist size.