Hair fall is actually normal and in fact, up to 100 strands, a day is still considered okay. However, when your hair fall is already beyond 100 strands a day, this is something you must not take for granted or you might end up one day blading.

Balding might be just fine for men but when it comes to women, this is quite embarrassing. That is right and this is why if you happen to be a female and you are losing a significant amount of hair, you should start looking for a remedy.

There are so many reasons for losing hair though and even if some are not alarming health vise, still they are worth your time if you want to defend your crown of glory. Check out below some of the most common reasons for hair loss:


When you are suffering from something physical like a trauma or you have been in an accident and similar situations, there is a good chance you will experience hair loss.

When you are pregnant

If you are pregnant and you notice hair loss, this should not something you will be stressed about as this is just normal. However, there are also pregnant women who don’t experience such incident.

Overdoing vitamin A

When you have too much vitamin-A containing supplements, this can also trigger hair loss. Besides, everything that is too much is not good for your body so you might want to watch out for this.

Protein deficiency

When your body lacks protein, there is a good chance it will do something to so the lacking protein will be produced. One way of doing that is by shutting down hair growth.

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