Cannabidiol, also is known as CBD, is a chemical found in the cannabis plant also known by the name marijuana. More than 80 chemicals are found in a cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major ingredient of the cannabis plant. However, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is psychoactive, whereas CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD oil can be taken through the mouth. Many people use cannabidiol as a means to help quit smoking. There are various cannabis oil benefits like treatment of anxiety, seizures, heart problems, side effects of cancer treatment, etc.

Benefits of using cannabis oil

  • Arthritis pain: The researchers have found that CBD oil is an effective source for the treatment of arthritis pain. The researches have noted a significant drop in the signs of pain and inflammation. They do not even have any major effects on the user.
  • Multiple sclerosis: It is an autoimmune disease which affects the entire body of the person through nerves and brain. One of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis is muscle spasms. The person can experience constant severe pain due to spasms.
  • Chronic pain: Research suggests that CBD can be used in the treatment of chronic pain. Use of CBD oil can reduce pain and inflammation. Hence, many people use CBD oil as a remedy for chronic pain. It is also found that the subjects are not likely to build a tolerance to the CBD.

Side effects of cannabis oil

  • Tiredness: CBD oil is beneficial in treating many different ailments, but it has certain side effects on the user. One of the side effects of cannabis oil is that the person using it may experience tiredness.
  • Change in appetite: This is another side effect of CBD oil. With continuous use of CBD, the person may notice possible changes in their appetite.
  • Weight loss/gain: Another very common side effect of CBD oil is that the person may experience a change in their body weight. The person may either gain or lose weight.