A year ago, Royal Philips had teamed up with Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings to develop an oncology centre that would serve as one of the premier biomedical research hubs in Southeast Asia. The advanced medicine oncology centre Biopolis was envisioned to offer state of the art imaging tests, clinical informatics technologies and treatment delivery. The project has been developed in association with IBA Worldwide and Varian Medical Systems.

Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine has invested around S$100 million or $72 million for the biomedical hub that is now partially open. The biomedical hub is expected to emerge as one of the finest diagnostic and treatment centres for various types of cancers. It would also conduct clinical trials and research. Healthcare professionals would also get to sign up for various types of training programs at the hub. The primary objective of the hub at the time of its conception was to ensure early detection so the citizens of the country and people across the region can opt for precise diagnosis and prompt treatments, thereby limiting the chances of the cancer progressing through to the latter stages when they can become uncontrollable and incurable. The hub is also going to provide affordable treatment without compromising on the quality of care.

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Philips has been venturing into strategic partnerships in the healthcare sectors around the world to provide prompter diagnostics, to ensure state of the art treatment while adhering to established protocols and to help people with cancer actually have a much better quality of life than what has been possible till now. As the medical hub gets launched in phases, Philips has installed various diagnostic imaging systems including clinical informatics like Ingenia MR, Vereos PET/CT scanners and IQon spectral CT systems. The centre also has IBA’s Cyclone Kiube technology and Varian’s ProBeam Compact system.

The entire facility will be completely open by the end of 2019. Many of the key installations are already in place and they are accessible. The Advanced Medicine Imaging centre at Biopolis is now open. There are two Vereos PET/CT scanners right now that can ensure precise anatomical imaging and also enhance the detection of with much improved resolution and contrast. The oncology centre is aimed at promoting clinical research with a specific focus on breakthroughs in different types of cancer diagnostics. The centre is expected to organize workshops and symposiums.

There has been an unprecedented rise in various forms of cancer all around the world. Many types of cancers are more common among children and women, wherein lifestyle factors are not deemed as probable causes or facilitators. Several types of these cancers are detectable at their very early stages and there are treatments available that can prevent the lesions or tumors from worsening and the cancer from spreading. Timely detection is the key, extensive understanding of every particular case followed by personalized treatment and care would be crucial to ensure quality of life and more importantly to ensure that the cancer does not worsen and spread in due course of time.

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