CRL-40028 or Olmifon is recognized as an artificial nootropic compound. This is also one prodrug for Modafinil. This supplement augments wakefulness and alertness and though it is also referred to as a stimulant, yet it doesn’t result in hyperactivity. This supplement is highly effectual in fighting sleepiness. It also acts as a CNS stimulant, inhibiting tiredness and increasing wakefulness and energy. But this medication does more than fighting sleepiness; it enhances reaction time, motivation and mood remarkably. This medication is utilized in the form of a stimulatory agent amongst the athletes though it is a restrained element for competitive sports.

Also identified as Adrafinil, this supplement enhances memory, intensifies focus for a longer period of time and even increases learning capability. This medication was discovered during the 1970s by Lafon Laboratories, a French pharmaceutical establishment. After it got introduced in the year 1986, this supplement was prescribed all through Europe, purposely for treating narcolepsy and various other sleep problems that result in extreme daytime sleepiness. However, the production of Olmifon was stopped in the year 2011; once the French governing agency removed the marketing sanction of this drug. Nowadays, this medication is largely taken to improve energy, fight the signs of fatigue and in the form of a cognitive improving nootropic.

Ideal dosages

The efficient dosage of this medication is between 600mg and 1200mg. This medication is soluble in water and users take it along with juice or water on their empty stomach. The best time to take this medication is morning as consuming it late during the day may cause insomnia (disturbed sleep). You are highly recommended to start taking this medication with lower dosages which you can easily elevate to higher suggested dosages gradually. Additionally, you are requested to take it on an occasional basis. Like, on days when you are required to meet stringent deadlines. You can also take in on days when you are required to do extra work.

Moreover, cycling this medication is highly advised, like taking it for a couple of weeks then taking a break for one whole week. This way of cycling will avert the danger of side effects on your liver. You ought to take this drug for a brief period of time only. In this brief period, this drug will act as an awareness-encouraging agent. If it is taken for a longer period of time, you can develop a tolerance towards this drug and you will not be able to feel its optimistic effects. In a country like France, this medication is effective for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Buying this medication comfortably

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