Dandruff is a form of fungal infection that affects the scalp and slowly leads to the loss of hair. Nizoral shampoo is regarded as an effective treatment for hair loss due to dandruff and helps combat the white flakes that can be seen over dark colored clothing. Nizoral Shampoo Hair Loss has been made into a hair loss product that has to be used 2 times a week and will stay effectual even in case a natural shampoo is used to wash hair in the intervening time. Know how this shampoo is useful.

Benefits of Nizoral Shampoo for Hair Loss

  • Anti-fungal – P-Ovalle is the fungus that happens to lead to dandruff problems. The Nizoral shampoo is popular for its anti-fungal capabilities and removes this fungus from hair.
  • Reduces hair fall – The presence of 1% of ketoconazole helps the shampoo to reduce the fall of hair and boost hair volume. In some types of this anti-dandruff shampoo, 2% of ketoconazole is present – which helps cure the problem of acute dandruff.
  • Anti-androgen – Ketoconazole, which is the primary ingredient of this shampoo, is known for its somewhat anti-androgen properties. The androgen, known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), activates the process of hair loss by binding itself to the hair receptors of the scalp, which leads to shrinking of the hair follicles. Thus, Nizoral Shampoo Hair Loss helps slow down or even reverse the loss of hair.
  • Reduces the inflammation of scalp – Those affected by androgenetic alopecia suffer from scalp inflammation of varying degrees. Although inflammation does not have a very big role in play in hair loss, it contributes in reducing the hair regrowth and regeneration process. Due to the presence of Ketoconazole, Nizoral helps reduce this inflammation – which makes it better for the treatment of hair loss affecting the scalp.