When I was in my senior high school, my face was bombarded with acne, pimples and blackheads. And just like many other teens, I did some home remedies to somehow alleviate the ugliness from my face, but unfortunately the acne, pimples and blackheads remained.

Tired of formulating and applying my own home remedies for my acne, pimples and blackheads. I consulted the Cosmopolitan Clinic, one of Singapore’s best dermatology clinics, to help me remove all my facial problems. The clinic did an extensive test on my acnes in order to determine the proper treatment for me. And after a careful investigation on my situation, the clinics dermatologist has conducted their extensive acne treatment.

To my pleasure, my pimples, blackheads and acnes were almost all gone, but there were some acne scars left on my face. Bothered with the acne scars, I sought help from Cosmopolitan, anew. The clinic then conducted an acne scar removal procedure to finally clean my face from any acne residual.

After the fractal acne scar laser treatment in Singapore, my dermatologist advised me not to expose my face to direct sunlight and stay away from places rich in dirt. Right after the acne scar removal treatment, my dermatologist first put a cream that would numb the area to be treated; this will ensure that I feel little to no discomfort during the acne scar treatment. After that, the procedure went on and I saw how the laser pricked through my skin, which is a good thing I didn’t feel it at all.

The acne scar laser treatment in Singapore lasted around 30 minutes because I had a lot of acne scars on my face that needed treatment, but it was a real success. My dermatologist advised me, just like I previously mentioned, to avoid too much sun exposure for a while so to avoid complications.

For my further knowledge about the acne scar, Cosmopolitan’s dermatologist taught me that there are two types of acne scars – the depressed acne scar and the raised acne scars. Depressed scars can be treated with fractional laser treatment, which is the removal of the layers of the skin tissue in a portioned method to help reduce age spots and other fine lines.  While raised scars, usually seen along the back neck and chin areas could be treated with steroid injections or laser therapy which will help your skin become rejuvenated by means of resurfacing the affected skin.

I definitely liked the treatment that Cosmopolitan has given me, that’s why I continued my skin treatment and therapy with their trusted staff. Now, I can see my face and skin rejuvenated. I feel like I am a new person now, without all of those facial blemishes. I trust the clinic and their dermatologist more than any skin care product in the country.

Acne scars could now be treated with the above treatments in Cosmopolitan clinic, where they treat any facial problem extensively.  Expect a very positive result as soon as possible. I am not going at any other clinic anymore.