One study showed that almost 30% of Americans didn’t get their eyes checked until the problem occurred. This study stunned professionals in this field because they know how serious it can be for some people. There are many diseases we need to try to prevent but people generally don’t think much about their vision.

Eye Anatomy

To be able to understand your condition and if you need a retina specialist in Bonita Springs Fl, you will need to know some basic information about your eyes. It is made out of many parts so it’s understandable if you forget about them. It starts with a clear tissue called the cornea and the colored part is the iris.

Everyone knows what the pupil is but there is also macula, retina, lens, optic nerve and vitreous. The retina is one of the most important parts because it creates impulses that travel to the brain. Before it, there is a lens that focuses light rays on it. You won’t need to know the whole process but if you have a certain disease, you will understand it easier.


Elevated Intraocular pressure is the reason why people get glaucoma which represents multiple diseases. The worst thing that can happen is vision loss when the optic nerve is under too much pressure. Depending on the situation, it can cause pain which is angle-closure glaucoma or if there isn’t any pain it’s classified as open-angle.

Another issue is that there aren’t any symptoms in the early stage of the disease. Once your doctor realizes what happens, the damage is done and is there to stay. You can do surgery or laser treatment to slow down the progression. If you have someone in the family, you should visit your doctor more often. Read more about it here:


You probably heard many times that people have problems with cataracts but it is painless and it affects your vision which makes it blurry. Our age can be one of the causes but it is usually associated with excessive UV light exposure, some medications, trauma and diabetes. That is why it’s important to work on your overall health.

A good thing is that your doctor will be able to notice it when you are doing an exam. You can do surgery to treat it or just use magnifying lenses or eyeglasses. They will use an artificial lens and remove the cloudy one but it’s too expensive if you don’t have insurance. There are risks with every surgery so it’s important to consult with your doctor.


AMD is age-related macular degeneration and as the name says attacks at any age but usually after 60. This disease attacks the macula which directly affects your focus because it is the central portion of the retina. The problem you can have is the center of your vision while blindness is rarely the result.

Dry AMD is when your central vision diminishes over time because light-sensitive cells break down slowly in the macula. On the other hand, wet AMD also affects the central vision because there is leaking blood and fluid caused by abnormal blood vessels. Each type is bad and you can prevent it by proper diet and exercise. Read more on this page.

Retinal Detachment

Only surgery will help with this disease because it involves separating the retina from the underlying structure of the eye. The thing that detaches it from the layer under is a buildup of fluid. It is painless but you will notice that something is wrong because you can experience certain lines over your visual field or flashing lights. It can occur after cataract surgery so make sure you visit a reputable doctor.


The name comes from the inflammation and redness of the eyelids or conjunctiva and clear tissue covering the eye. Many things can cause it like allergens, pollutants and many chemicals that infect your eye. But, it is usually caused by certain bacteria. A good thing is that infectious conjunctivitis doesn’t need to be treated with antibiotics.

Bacterial type is treated with antibiotic drops which your doctor will prescribe. It may be difficult for you to open your eyelids but when they apply the treatment the crusting will be removed. Hygiene is essential here because unwashed hands can spread the infection.