With Canada legalizing the use of cannabis, many online dispensaries are opening up and more and more people are buying weed from them. But still there exist people who are not comfortable buying weed online as they don’t understand how the whole process works or think it is a scam. There are many misconceptions amongst people about buying weed from online dispensaries. The most common ones are listed below.

  • They are not legal – Buying weed online is legal as long as the website from which the person is buying medical marijuana is licensed to sell it. All online dispensaries have to go through a lot of legal loops before they can go forward with selling medical marijuana and other goodies. This includes asking for a prescription from the consumer before selling the product to them. So consumers can be totally assured that buying medical marijuana from an online Edmonton dispensary is totally legal.

  • They are not safe – People think that the chances of getting cheated and scammed while buying medical marijuana from online dispensaries are high. This is not true. Buying medical marijuana is completely safe as long as it is done from an authorized site. There is no chance of one’s information being stolen. This is because of credit card confidentiality. Online dispensaries don’t have access to debit or credit cards except for their last four digits. Also, they do everything to preserve the privacy of the customer.
  • Their products are more expensive – This is a very common misconception. The truth is, online dispensaries provide a better quality of cannabis at cheaper prices as compared to local dispensaries. Online dispensaries are able to stock larger quantities of cannabis as compared to local dispensaries. This leads to lower prices for the online dispensary which is then passed on to the customers.

Thus there is nothing wrong with buying weed from an online Edmonton dispensary as long as it is authorized to sell it.