The liquid option of minoxidil was the very first of the two versions to be presented, over twenty years back and while revealing extremely beneficial outcomes with slowing hair loss and grow back brand-new hair, a handful of minoxidil liquid users reported moderate itching, as well as irritation on their skin where the option was applied.

This inflammation was swiftly identified as being an outcome of a compound called propylene glycol, an active ingredient that aids the scalp to absorb the minoxidil active ingredient. A few people do feel some hypersensitivity towards propylene glycol.

Because of this, the minoxidil foam was established without propylene glycol. Skin inflammation, redness, and itching are very seldom seen in clients using minoxidil foam, in contrast to a handful with some small adverse effects with topical liquid remedy.

The effectiveness of both foam and liquid has been shown in clinical tests, to be the very same, and the minoxidil content is the same in both versions, i.e. 5%.

If you got a very sensitive skin, you may wish to take into consideration the foam, as it can be a little less irritating. We likewise believe the foam is a little easier to use and bring around, as there’s no dropper to fret about. But that’s our point of view. For everyone else, the minoxidil topical option is the ideal choice.

Applying in Bigger Areas is Comparatively Easier

In our experience, the foam has a tendency to be easier to put on bigger areas, like the bald place on the crown of your head. The topical liquid is used with a tiny pipette or dropper, so covering a bigger area may be a bit extra fiddly.

Conversely, if you’re looking to raise hair along your parting line, for instance, the dropper is just what you would require!

Beards also! One issue with foam on beards is the active component, minoxidil; it is going to be covering your hairs themselves, but not where it is needed, your skin.

Other than the chemical distinctions discussed above, the application has an effect on which minoxidil to buy, yet placed very merely, foam for the top of the head and various other bigger locations, liquid for beards, as well as parting line.