With the help of mindfulness, you can make you aware of your psychological state and cures if there is any negativity. In many types of research, it is found that metacognitive awareness is promoted, it also helps to decrease perseverative cognitive activities and enhances working memory.

The researches have specifically identified the following benefit using mindfulness:

Reduction of Rumination: In several studies, it is seen that you can reduce rumination with mindfulness. At 2008, Chambers asked meditators who were a novice to attend a 10-day intensive mindfulness meditation retreat. When the retreat was over, the group has significantly higher mindfulness as reported by them, and they had negatively affected when compared with the control group. There were less rumination and depressive symptoms in them. And this is not only that, better working memory capacity was in them and could easily sustain attention compared with the control group.

Reduce Stress: In a lot of studies, the researchers concluded that stress could be reduced by mindfulness. In 2010, Hoffman conducted 39 studies in a meta-analysis, and the study was done to see mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive process. The researchers concluded their studies by saying that therapies based on mindfulness might be great in altering cognitive as well as the effective process.

Mindfulness meditation increases positive affect as well as decreases anxiety and negative effect on a person.

Working Memory Boost: Another benefit of mindfulness is that it boosts working memory. In 2010, a study was conducted by Jha. It documented the mindfulness meditation in a group of military personals. They attended mindfullness classes for eight-week. There were two types of people taken in the study; one group consists of nonmeditating civilians and the other group of meditating militaries. The military group was passing through a highly stressful period as they were going to be deployed. The study concluded that the meditating group had a significantly increased working memory capacity over time and the nonmeditating civilian group was stable across time.

There are many other benefits of mindfulness, but not in the scope of this article. You can know more if you research online.