Orthodontic braces in Singapore have been used to correct teeth misalignment in kids and adults for years. Dentists recommend braces as a treatment for an overbite, excessive spacing, and more. However, living with braces is still not easy. It is especially true when it comes to braces for kids.

What Are Braces for Kids?

A paediatric orthodontic treatment, kiddie dental braces are similar to that of adults but are made smaller. Braces for kids in Singapore are designed to suit small jaws and delicate gums. Even so, these braces offer the same method of teeth alignment as adult braces. Thus, you can expect it to be just as uncomfortable as adult orthodontic braces.

How Can We Help Our Kids Deal With Braces?

Given that kids have lesser tolerance to pain as compared to us adults, wearing braces for kids is a challenge for them. As parents, it is up to us to make the treatment bearable for them. Here are some ways you can help your child while he is wearing braces:

Accompany Your Child in Dental Visits

Before and during the orthodontic treatment, your child may develop a fear of visiting the dentist. However, your child needs to complete his dental visits throughout the treatment. The dentist will have to adjust the braces regularly to correct the teeth alignment gradually. Thus, missing a visit will mean a drawback for your child’s treatment. Going to the dental clinic with him can help him cope with the fear. It will also be good to reassure your child by providing a positive experience at every dental visit.

Observe Good Oral Hygiene

The dull pain caused by the gradual alignment of the teeth will make it bothersome for your child to do his usual oral hygiene routine. Parents must oversee their child’s oral care during the treatment. Poor dental hygiene while wearing braces for kids can lead to developing cavities and gum boils. We have to keep in mind that braces are still foreign objects and may cause disturbance in the colony of bacteria inside the mouth. Good dental hygiene is the key to rid of the infection.

Prepare Soft Diet

Right after getting braces, your child will have sensitive teeth and gums. It will last for several days. The sensitivity will reoccur every time the braces will be adjusted. During these days, it is important to feed only soft foods to your child. Oatmeal, porridge and soups can help. Once the sensitivity dissipates, you may treat your child to some ice cream to help soothe the gums.

Explain Why It Is Good to Wear Braces

Children tend to be impatient. Thus, they will often forget why it is important to wear braces for kids. When teased by other children, your child may get frustrated about his braces. Be more patient about this and talk to your child calmly about why he needs the braces.

Are There Other Options?

Fortunately, the orthodontic industry is quite flourishing. With advancements in dental procedures, there are now alternatives to obstructive metal braces. You can have your kids wear invisible braces that are, as the name suggests, less noticeable. While invisible braces price in Singapore can be quite expensive, it will be worth it as they are removable. Thus, your child can remove the braces when playing sports, eating, and playing musical instruments. Learn more about orthodontic in Singapore today!