Getting sober is the first step, but maintaining it is the real challenge. Due to the fact that relapses are inevitable, several strategies can help you maintain sobriety. In reality, there is no “one size fits all” approach to addiction treatment, despite popular belief to the contrary. Different people have different addictions for different reasons, and different people make different decisions regarding sobriety. Some people choose to sober up in order to improve their health, save their relationships, or make better decisions in their daily lives.


Addiction treatment at Mallard Lake Detox Center is individualized and aims to address the person as a whole. Our patients are offered counseling services, medically assisted treatment (MAT), social support, etc. They gain the knowledge and skills to aid them in their continued fight against alcohol or drug addiction. Maintaining sobriety is not easy, but these tips will help you in doing so. 


Tips For Maintaining Sobriety

  • Be prepared to handle old triggers.

You need to be ready to deal with old triggers. For instance, if individuals at work ask you out for alcoholic drinks, it helps to have a canned answer ready. 

  • Maintain positive connections only.

The quality of your connections with family and friends is important since they might be crucial to your addiction recovery process. However, it’s always best to cut ties when they’re not beneficial. It doesn’t matter whether this unhealthy connection is with a non – supportive parent or a long-time buddy who abuses drugs. Eliminate their access to you by deleting them from your phone, blocking them on social networking sites, and avoiding hanging out with them. You should never feel guilty about quitting relationships that don’t make you happier or fail to support your addiction recovery. 

  • Prioritize your addiction recovery.

Maintain your dedication. Always prioritize yourself, attend your 12-Step meetings, and hang around out with positive people.

  • Take good care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of your most useful tips for maintaining sobriety. Take care of yourself by having enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating nutritious meals. Keep your spirits up by writing down everything you are thankful for. These kinds of actions can do wonders for your self-esteem and determination.

  • Consider a dual diagnosis treatment plan.

Dual diagnosis is the co-occurrence of a drug or alcohol addiction and a mental health problem. Lack of a proper dual diagnosis can jeopardize one’s sobriety plan. Getting clean once after completing an addiction treatment program is no guarantee that you won’t relapse. Admitting you have a problem is a necessary part of maintaining sobriety. Mallard Lake Center is one of several addiction treatment facilities that provide dual diagnosis treatment for patients suffering from mental illness and drug abuse. 


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Are you struggling with an addiction? Our trained experts at Mallard Lake Detox Center can help you choose the best addiction treatment program based on your needs. Mallard Lake Center has several different drug addiction treatment options, all designed to help you maintain your sobriety. Our alumni programs, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs, outpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization programs are just a few of our treatment options. Call Mallard Lake and start your substance abuse treatment journey.