Noticing few strands of hairs entangled in the hairbrush every time you comb or style them can be irritating. Baldness is scientifically termed as Alopecia and is characterized by the symptoms such as receding hairline, the formation of bald spot or patches at the frontal, temporal and vertex portion of the scalp. In general, the reason for triggering hair loss can be contributed to many factors such as the game of genes, certain medications, consuming unhealthy diet, following poor lifestyle and many more. People living in hotter cities like Jaipur are more likely to experience sweat and grease build up on the scalp, which may further cause infections and hair loss. Before we continue to discuss the best procedures to cure the medical condition, let’s first discuss the types of alopecia.

Telogen Effluvium-

Telogen Effluvium is a condition of the scalp, which is characterized by the thinning and shedding of hair follicles due to an early entry of hair in the telogen phase. If the number of hair follicles is decreased during the resting (telogen) phase of hair growth, the number of dormant hairs will be more. This condition results in Telogen effluvium hair loss, which typically isn’t permanent.

Anagen Effluvium-

The Anagen Effluvium is a condition characterized by the rapid and diffused hair loss on the scalp and other regions of the body. In this condition, the hairs in their anagen phase are affected, hence causing severe hair loss. Its cause is an underlying medical condition.

Tractional Alopecia

The tractional alopecia is a type of hair loss caused due to the excessive pulling of hairs due to wearing tight and braided hairstyles, chemical treatments and styling of hairs using heat methods. The tractional alopecia can be cured by simply avoiding wearing tight hairstyles.

Treatment for hair loss-

In general, the topical treatments such as Finesteride or Minoxidil is recommended to the patients suffering from gradual loss or hair. However, it is important for you to understand that these treatments work on a mechanism to lower the pace of hair loss. In case of complete baldness, hair transplant is considered as an ideal option to restore lost hairs. Let’s discuss the hair transplant in Jaipur.

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Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)- The Follicular Unit transplant is a technique of restoring hairs at the balding scalp by shifting the healthy hair follicles surgically. In this procedure, a hair transplant surgeon draws out the donor strip containing DHT resistant follicles from the posterior region of the scalp. Now, this harvested strip is sent to the hair cutting room for proper storage and dissecting the follicles. Thereafter, the follicles are disunited from the grafts and are prepared for the transplant by removing any traces of skin that comes attached to them during extraction. Now an implanter begins to set these follicles into the slits made on the recipient site of the scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)- Follicular Unit Extraction is another preferred method of performing surgical hair restoration. This procedure does not involve removal of a strip of tissue containing hair graft. In FUE treatment, the safe donor area of the scalp is shaved down and the surgeon picks the most suitable follicular units individually with the help of an electric handheld punch. Usually, a surgeon picks up the tissue from the safe donor zone, with a maximum availability of donor hairs. Thereafter, the picked follicles are prepared for the implantation and then are bedded into the slits made in the bald area of the scalp.

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur-

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is economical. However, it varies for each patient depending upon the grade of baldness and the nature of the treatment. Some agents that play a key role in defining the cost of the treatment are-

  • The number of grafts required.
  • The education and expertise of a hair transplant surgeon.
  • The number of technicians involved.
  • The cleanliness and hygiene maintained by the hair transplant clinic.
  • The reputation of a hair transplant clinic.

What makes Jaipur a peculiar destination for getting a hair transplant treatment?

At present, Jaipur has become one of the prominent destinations for receiving the hair transplant treatments because of the following reasons-

  • Availability of the best hair transplant surgeons.
  • Affordable cost of the treatment.
  • The added benefit of medical tourism.

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