ENT headlight, also known as Lawson headlight, is a specification instruments which is used to introduce shadow less and intense light inside the body cavities. These are of different kinds, different shapes and different designs as suitable for the examinations of the particular organ. There are some common ENTs which are used for same organs.

Kinds of ENT headlight used

  • Led ENT- it is used for normal patient’s examination, for skin examination. It is light weight, cordless, long power battery and strong intense light for easy examination.
  • Storz ENT- it has long service life with working battery of three hours. It is an ergonomic headband. It has liquid lens technology.
  • Riester ENT- wireless headlight with LED light performance, very efficient for diagnosis, gives bright and safe light.
  • Portable ENT- these are the most commonly used headlights which are used by doctors for inspections ad for variety of surgeries. These are generally used for dental units as bright light is needed. The light illumination can be controlled as and when needed.
  • Atmos ENT- this is a kind of headlights which uses electrical- medical technology. It is generally used for optical purpose. This is highly in demand in every hospital and by every doctor.
  • Heine ENT- these have LED light features. They are perfectly fitted; the spot size is adjustable, shadow- less light and can be used with or without wire.
  • Bistos ENT- has good light support system, nice backup power, and good lens technology and is used for optical examinations.

There are many more ENT lights which are being discovered every day for making less painful internal checkups and easy visual of the affected area inside the body with easy treatment of the defect made.