Cancer in rectum or the colon is called as colon cancer. It is normally located at the lower end of digestive tract. It is rare among kids, teens but adults have higher probability. Even the old age people can face such issues. There are many tests done to trace it out. Basically, it can be figured out by doctor from symptoms.

However, if there are less symptoms and still have any kinds of doubt then most of doctors refer to Colon Cancer Testing birmingham AL which can help in tracing down the issue properly. Still, one can look for the symptoms as if he/she has any kind of doubt. Basically, this cancer begins as a polyp and the growth take little time. Screen can help in tracing it at early stages.

Symptoms to Consider

There are many things that can be considered to get rid of all the issues. We are mentioning most common issues that can be considered and if someone is facing any of these then he/she should consult to a doctor.

  • Bowel habit is the first and most common thing to notice. Even issues like diarrhea, constipation and the narrow of stool is factors to consider.
  • Sometimes getting the feel of having bowel movement but it never ends even after completing it.
  • Even the rectal bleeding is significant sign which can help in confirmation of the cancer.
  • If you are going for stool and find the color too dark or you find blood in it then it is a big issue.
  • Patients can also find weakness in body and the fatigue issue is there. It can lead to unintended weight loss.

The above given are some of signs that can be taken into consideration by people who have any sort of doubt. If major number of issues from the list is matching then look for a doctor which can make you sure whether is there any cancer or not.

Screening Is Lifesaver 

It can be tough to find any sort of symptoms until the cancer in advanced stage. But, patient can look for screening test which can help in many ways. There are several tests done to make sure about it. if the colon cancer is in the stage of beginning 5 years then the survival rate is 90% which mean most of patient can be saved. Patients don’t have to worry much. They should consult to the family doctor and proceed for treatment as recommended by doctor. Make sure to talk with insurer because it can be costly and paying hospital bills can make you worry about such issues.

By the colon cancer screening Singapore, many patients gain benefits. Getting treated in the early stage is really helpful. You may be thinking that how do they know about cancer. Basically, the screen includes many tests and they check whether the parts are in right shape or not. The X-ray can help in scanning digestive tract and the doctor confirm it.